Property Brothers' Tips to Transform Your Kitchen

HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott share design tips and tricks to improve your kitchen.
3:00 | 08/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Property Brothers' Tips to Transform Your Kitchen
-- we are the property Brothers. Jonathan -- to be allowed Andrew Scott were -- time went from each TV show -- her brother to show you how to make a -- we talk -- there we can actually build something so. I find pallets all the time I pick them up because there's a lot of value in the -- commit any piece of furniture from side tables the copy -- Today wooden -- shelf and it's also going to be a wine -- So I'll show you the steps very simple project you can do at home on a weekend first thing we want to do is we want to clean up one side remove. This would hear who don't want to remove all the -- that gives a little bit -- character. You just wanna get rid of any pieces that are completely split like this because it doesn't look good once it's up on the shelf you may wanna just -- -- the pieces off but the reason you don't want -- -- -- might split the Wimbledon more so you're a reciprocating saw. He just popped the mouth underneath safety first -- -- -- through. You -- than anywhere you know -- -- about. Parents. Just take your time -- -- it carefully. Don't worry about all the other knicks in the what gives actors a character we just want to make sure we get rid of any of the really damaged pieces. Didn't damage the -- at all and you saw have -- -- rustic look at the nails or three pieces on the one side that's why I'm keeping a slap on the other side and we just for movies once. And -- we're gonna cut it down to the size that we want the shelf and -- most are rebuilding the new shelves. Speaking of science. There ago. We took a shorter and we cut off the front and they can see this is our backing right here now Jonathan just -- to put on the shelves in the bottom I've also. Pre cut. From the slats that we removed and also pre cut from a -- that we recoup all the shelves that we're gonna make. And starting from about three inches off at the bottom. This will be our first one. We're gonna pre drilled into the holes screw it in and then we're gonna install the bottom of that -- this is where wine bottles gonna go -- want to make sure that it's attached very strong. We're gonna screw into the front. We're gonna screw in from the back and again the reason you want to pre drill the holes is because this is older -- it's a little -- as well what you don't want cracked the boards when you're trying to make a secure show. I like and toxic you know as was talking about but I just hope and a five minutes ago. -- -- Something that a -- you'll wanna -- that's actually sand down these boards and even -- this out but personally I love a rustic looking to get something like a -- to use as Iraq they want to just keep -- -- you can leave it exactly the way it is right now yet it -- handed down this -- of the fish is going to be and maybe if you want to sprayed -- -- put -- in -- and entertaining -- -- -- a little bit more modern -- -- great. I love rustic pieces and -- blending genres so taking your your contemporary space and putting in a rustic element like if it's gonna make it pop. So -- we've got these shelves -- we're gonna do another one up here the very bottom rack is actually the coolest one. The piece that we put across the bottom like this. We're gonna not -- out so that we can hang their stem where depending on what you stand where it looks like you can customize these and through -- -- -- place. Area. You can customize these -- to any size that it -- -- -- and -- we are paying the glasses that look great. If you feel like -- maybe too much work you can actually buy. From the hardware store a bottom play that has although stammer -- pre continent once you -- that you just save yourself probably. Another half hour of work and you know what. Even the screws can really have a lot of character to it's -- I guess if you look from the -- You don't need to get anything that it's too slick just get some nice rob looking screws stick human error and now you have is beautiful recipes it's a feature in your kitchen what -- hanging on the wall and it's -- stated Disco look like a million bucks but I -- -- wind was -- there. -- -- get a and -- -- to put up with you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott share design tips and tricks to improve your kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19897158","title":"Property Brothers' Tips to Transform Your Kitchen","url":"/GMA/video/property-brothers-tips-transform-kitchen-19897158"}