High-Stakes Battle of Flipping Homes More Like a Sport

Hit reality series "Property Wars" follows the process of buying foreclosed homes for resale.
3:00 | 03/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High-Stakes Battle of Flipping Homes More Like a Sport
Our cameron mathison has more. Go to 227. Reporter: They're the hot shot rivalries of home buyers. Let's see who the real man is. Bring it on. Reporter: Who fight tooth and nail for the best deal. This is dollar signs right here. Reporter: And often find themselves in the oddest set in ings. Chickens. Holy crap. Reporter: These aggressive buyers are the stars of discovery's "property wars" where the battlefield is the phoenix, arizona, foreclosure market. Auctions for underwater homes is their gold rush which makes these bidding wars fierce. 51,000. Let's go. Go to 231. Reporter: Ed and steve, ed and lou. We don't take crap from anyone. Reporter: And the kingpin, doug. I'm competitive as hell. Reporter: Inside the war zone we found out what really goes on behind the cameras. I need to go 119,700 on it. Check it out. Reporter: I rode along on one of his drive-byes. That's step number one in the process. Scoping out a house on the auction list, the tricky bart is -- it's organized chaos. Reporter: It's buying practically sight unseen and can only inspect the exterior. The outside of the house is going to be a good clue as to how the inlook looks. This is it. Reporter: My first impression looks pretty good. First impression is not bad at all. Reporter: A little investigating. And it's clear this one is a winner, but not all have been. One of the worst ones i bought played on the show. Oh, my god. It was an old pot house. You would not have known it from the outside. Oh, yeah. Don't ever talk about my daughter. Reporter: And the personal conflict of the show. I swear to god I will beat your frickin -- I'm on my way to meet with scott. Can't stand the guy. Yeah. He a complete jerk. Reporter: It was off to meet his rivals scott and lou at a house they already bought. Yes, scott, we got it baby. Reporter: But have never seen the inside of. That's step two, the reveal. This is the moment. This is the moment. This is the moment we all wait for. Let's do this. You got the key, buddy. Of course would I come without a key. Fun and games. Okay, get down, get down. Reporter: But it is all serious business. We'll make about 35,000. Pretty happy with it. Reporter: And is it just friendly competition? He's a pig in my opinion. He's a slob, a pig. He's an animal. Reporter: And my last stop to see the hen on two wheel, ed and steve in the final step of the process, fixing up the homes. We're converting the carports in the gar age moving the water heater and washer and dryer out to the garage. Reporter: The competition is as intense as the desert heat. Why can't we all just get along? Just get rid of some. Reporter: As they all gambled their way to the winging house. Hallelujah! Uh-huh. Reporter: For "good morning america," cameron mac news, phoenix, arizona.

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{"id":18771949,"title":"High-Stakes Battle of Flipping Homes More Like a Sport","duration":"3:00","description":"Hit reality series \"Property Wars\" follows the process of buying foreclosed homes for resale.","url":"/GMA/video/property-wars-reality-series-shows-high-stakes-battle-18771949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}