Pros and Cons of Juicing

Dave Zinczenko of "Eat It to Beat It" tells you everything you need to know about juicing.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Pros and Cons of Juicing
series, "eat it to beat it" with a burning question, to juice or not to juice. Dave zinczenko, who I also went to high school with -- no, I'm kidding. Is this a trend or pulp fiction? Reporter: Remember when juice meant orange or apple? Now smooth thinks are a choice of the stars. Jessica alba, nick jonas, everyone lea michele have been seen with green concoctions of pressed vegetables and fruit choose. I love juices. There's no better way to get the nutrients than to use. Reporter: Is a salad in a bottle just as healthy as a salad on your plate? In most cases, no. Check out jamba juice. Kale is a superfood. Be beware, this kale apple pine jj apple and chia seed blend pax 250 calories and 43 grams of sugar. The carrot juice, 133 calories and 26 grams of sugar. When choosing your own ingredients, remember that vegetables have far fewer calories than fruit. Naked juice has a 100% juice line you can find in most grocery stores. This is 150 calories for eight-ounce serving. There are two servings here. If you drink the whole bottle, you're consuming 300 calories and 64 grams of sugar. You might think a smoothie is healthier than other snax. But many are loaded with calories. Try making one at home. I met up with candace to make a smoothie. You're going to be able to control the caloric intake. Reporter: We blended these. Delicious. The key to juices and smoothies, watch out for sugar, read labels, add in green veggies for a superhealthy snack. We have juices here to try out in a little bit. Before we get to that, let's talk to twitter followers. Tanya tweeted, anything with kale, apples, and protein in it? Can't do straight juice. Starving in 30 minutes. Jill says she likes sail, spina spinach, cucumber, carrots, green al. Pine al. Emily says, I like using the nutribullet. To get all the skins, pulp. David, I have to admit. I was always told eat your vegetables and fruits. Don't drink them. What makes these healthy or not so? It's more convenienieconvenient. This is a way with minimal effort to get seven servings of fruits and vegetables. That makes a lot of sense. You have to keep in mind, an orange is 50 calories, 3 grams of fiber. A glass of orange juice, no fiber. More calories. Fruit juice is higher in calories than vegetable juice? Vegetable juice, watch the sodium. Fruit juice, go for the smallest glass you can finld, or better, eat some fruit. Adding too many fruits to a healthy drink is going turn it into a high-sugar dessert. What about smoothies? Are they good, bad? It's a meal. It's not a drink that goes with a meal. A 300-calorie smoothie is a great breakfast, but not when you're having it with pancakes. I'm so used to chewingy food. Five examples here. Four. David has one. This one is juice press, simple green. That's not one I would pick up. It's over $10. You have to realize you can buy a juicer at home for $100. Make them. You save money if you want to do it. This is great because it's under 100 calories. Even though it's two servings per boltle. Does it fill you up? It's the epitome of a clean green drink. This one is 400 million frgrams of sodium. And the smoothies. The smoothies. These are 22 ounces. This is from planet smoothie. Lunar lemonade. 330 calories. A much better solution, go off the kid's menu. Aren't the portion sizes large as well. This one is like chocolate chip. The chocolate chimp. Protein blast. 15 grams of protein in that. Great for after a workout when your muscles are prime to absorb protein. And the lean strawberry. The grape ape. A good source of natural energy. It's a meal. Dave, thank you so much. Ryan seacrest standing by. Come on back.

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{"id":21367357,"title":"Pros and Cons of Juicing","duration":"3:00","description":"Dave Zinczenko of \"Eat It to Beat It\" tells you everything you need to know about juicing.","url":"/GMA/video/pros-cons-juicing-21367357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}