The pros and cons of trendy health foods

Nutritionist Maya Feller breaks down what you need to know about acai bowls, charcoal, almond milk and veggie chips.
3:00 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for The pros and cons of trendy health foods
Back now with our series "Cracking the code," are trends healthy. Maya feller is here to break it down. We will rank you to help us out. All right. So we're going to start out with acai bowls. Here they are. So the audience, we want to now, some acai bowls, can they have as much -- wait. Let me say this statement. Some acai bowls have as much sugar as four doughnuts. True or false? Let's see what we say here. I think we have kind of a mixed bag so the answer is -- True. You thought you were being so smart ordering that acai bowl. What is the story? So acai berries tmselves alone are fantastic full of antioxidants and can be wonderful. It's all the other stuff is there when we get into the whole bowl mixture it can be a significant amount of sugar and so that's what we want to encourage people to look out for all of that sugar. Okay, so you heard it hear first and almond milk has become so popular as a dairy alternative. Coffee shops. True or false and you at home, everybody, almond milk can contain as much calcium at dairy milk, true or false? And the answer is. More trues, I would say. You think it is true and the answer is -- It is true. It's absolutely true. Good job, audience. So with almond milk our main concern is all the additives, added sugars, salts and fats in some of the conventional ones so were thinking about some of the stabilizers, those can cause some adverse health outcomes so tell people steer clear, go for the unsweetened versions. Those adverse health -- Yes. I did not know that. Some G.I. Distress, a little inflammation. Okay. Good to know. Good to know but the calcium is in fact there. Here's one I was curious about. Activated charcoal. Doesn't sound very appealing. Lots of people love it. We're seeing a lot of this in everything from supments as we have here, juices, lattes so, audience, true or false, consuming charcoal -- I know, I know. Consuming charcoal on a daily basis AIDS digestion, true or false? We have a lot of false. I would say more pause. Absolutely false. It is false. It does not aid -- It does not so activated charcoal was originally used in a hospital setting for people who ingested toxins. What it does binds the intestine and helps so that those toxins are not absorbed. What our concern is if you're having it on a day-to-day basis it might just do that with prescription medications as well as vitamins and minerals. Not going to absorb into your system. Just the way it was used when it was first use sfwld in hospitals. How should people use had. What we recommend people kind of steer clear of it. We don't know -- Altogether. Altogether? We don't know what the outcomes are going to be. Three important facts. Thanks, Maya. Thank you, audience. Wait for it, everybody.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nutritionist Maya Feller breaks down what you need to know about acai bowls, charcoal, almond milk and veggie chips. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49391139","title":"The pros and cons of trendy health foods ","url":"/GMA/video/pros-cons-trendy-health-foods-49391139"}