Purchasing Window Starts to Close for Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

Rachel Smith, John Schriffen showcase America's last minute rush to purchase gifts.
4:49 | 12/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Purchasing Window Starts to Close for Last Minute Christmas Shoppers
We're going to look at the wild weekend at malls, filled with last-minute christmas shoppers. Some stores will stay open around the clock, until after christmas. We have team coverage in the final days of shopping. Abc's rachel smith looks at where and when to get the best deals with the least amount of stress, if that's possible. And john schriffen will look into whether the bad weather will mean your gifts won't get there in time. How's it looking, rachel? Reporter: Pretty good, bianna. Good morning to you. If you still have shopping to do for everyone on your christmas list, you are definitely not alone. There's only three more shopping days left before the big holiday. And stores are staying open around the clock to accommodate all those last-minute shoppers. Every year, many fall victim to the same routine. You know exactly when christmas is every year. I know. And I always mean to plan ahead. Reporter: Extended store hours at macy's nationwide. The one here in new york city, working around the clock. Check it out. Reporter: Toys "r" us, clocking major overtime. Their times square location, open 543-consecutive hours. Come retail experts say, it will be a bigger shopping day than black friday, which has even the procrastinators strategizing. Talking about getting a glass of wine before I started. And I think maybe I probably should have. Reporter: May not be a bad idea. Another helpful tip, shopping at off-peak hours. Shopping in the middle of the night sounds crazy. But you're likely to get a parking spot. And there's more stuff on the shelves. Reporter: And may come with an added benefit. Toys, christmas decorations, apparel, jewelry. Those things start to get slashed as we get to the last minute. Reporter:25%. I'm loving these numbers. Don't be fooled. The sales will be better after christmas. So, if you're shopping for yourself, hold off. Just wait. Reporter: But if you're shopping for this little one -- merry christmas. Reporter: Expect to wait in line, like everybody else. A couple of final inside tips for you. A rep from macy's told me the best time to shop is between 3:00 and 5:00 a.M. And becky says keep your eyes peeled for electronics. The prices may not come down. But there's incentives with your purchase, like gift cards. Thank you, rachel. Lots of good tips in there. Another pressing question this morning. With all of the bad weather and the crush of last-minute shoppers, will your gift be delivered on time? John schriffen is on that angle from a fedex location in newark, new jersey. John, good morning to you, sir. Reporter: Dan, good morning. Of activity this morning. This is fedex's third-largest hub in the country. And a plane just dropped off a shipment. Workers are sorting it out right now. We're starting to see an increase in online shopping, fedex expects to set a record number for packages they handle this holiday season. These employees are working overtime and around the clock, to make sure your package is delivered on time. With three days until christmas, santa's little helpers are hard at work. I know him. Reporter: Not those helpers. These helpers. Delivery companies like u.P.S. And fedex are scrambling to get packages out of their trucks and under your tree. Delivering more than 500 packages per second on their peak day alone. U.P.S. Is on top of this. Hopefully you're home when we get there. Reporter: L.L. Bean sold so many holiday gifts, even its ceo had to help wrap and pack. All this, begging the question. Will this make it for christmas? Reporter: That question hairy this year, as last-minute shoppers create a logistical nightmare for shipping companies. Many people were forced to procrastinate because of superstorm sandy and this week's blizzard. Others are waiting for last-minute bargains. So, they come to us to get the last-minute shipping out. Reporter: The only man that can ensure an on-time delivery, besides kriss kringle, is benjamin franklin. Today, if you send a package from new york to los angeles, it will cost you $110. But guaranteed it will reach your doorstep by christmas eve. And fedex says the biggest hurdle they face is the weather. So, if the roads are clear, they say channeces are, the package will get there on time.

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{"id":18044084,"title":"Purchasing Window Starts to Close for Last Minute Christmas Shoppers","duration":"4:49","description":"Rachel Smith, John Schriffen showcase America's last minute rush to purchase gifts.","url":"/GMA/video/purchasing-window-starts-close-minute-christmas-shoppers-18044084","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}