Python Snake Hunters Wanted in Florida

State of Florida declares open season on deadly python snakes that are slithering into parks, backyards.
2:10 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Python Snake Hunters Wanted in Florida
Now, to a wild story out of florida. Huge pythons are taking over part of the state, slithering right into people's backyards. And florida is declaring open season on the predators, inviting people from all over the world -- or from the u.S., to help control them. Steve osunsami has more. Good morning. Reporter: Wildlife officials tell us the problem just isn't in the everglades. They found these snakes in parks, in people's homes. And they're hoping this hunt will help. Florida authorities are desperate to get rid of these snakes, calling this a snake hunting mission. No experience necessary. No licensed needed. Just a gun or a knife. By someestimates, nearly 150,000 pythons are living in the everglades alone. But the snakes haven't stopped there. They're starting to come back into civilization, looking for easy food, our pets. That's what they're feeding on. Cats, small dogs. Reporter: State wrangler scott mullen says families are finding them in parks, high grass and even backyards. And he's been busy making house calls. When people call about a python, it's a different sound on the phone. You can hear it in their voice. They're ve excited. Very nervous. Reporter: Pythons are native to southeast asia. But experts think that residents who couldn't handle them as pets set them loose. Last year, they captured the largest ever. Owning one is now against the law. You're having to use all your muscle, aren't you? Yes. Reporter: So far, more than 500 amateur hunters have signed up for the month-long python challenge. Whoever catches the longest snake $1,000. Whoever catches the most, $1,500. Participants in this python challenge have it cut out for them. They're going to have to go out into the wild, into the everglades, to capture these animals. Reporter: He thinks the vast majority of hunters won't find a single snake. But will find plenty of mosquitos and alligators, too. Amy? Sounds tempting, steve. Thanks so much. I think there's others. Me, too. We're going to turn to the

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{"id":18189193,"title":"Python Snake Hunters Wanted in Florida","duration":"2:10","description":"State of Florida declares open season on deadly python snakes that are slithering into parks, backyards.","url":"/GMA/video/python-snake-hunters-wanted-florida-18189193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}