Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Birthday

Massive party held for the Queen of England.
2:29 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Birthday
Return to London now where the brits are doing what they do best. Pageantry and it's a massive birthday party for the clean. -- that and right now the queen is in her carriage near Buckingham Palace ABC's -- different is live there as well hey -- good morning. Hey Dan may be on a good morning aquinas so lucky. He gets to celebrate her birthday twice once on our actual birthday in April and once today right. Here behind me with a little help from her family. And her army. There's nothing more royal pomp and pageant. The queen's 87 birthday. 14100 soldiers. 240 horses. 400 trumpets from bones -- -- Defense. Of the horses -- William Charles in the carriage -- Camilla and a very pregnant Kate wearing an Alexander McQueen jacket. Next time we see her -- be a -- Okay. With the -- print command by her side for 65 years is missing in action Prince Philip is recuperating from surgery yesterday will inherit he dropped into the hospital. -- getting better but he's 92. He needs months to recover. I think it's very sad and unfortunate do you think it is quite significant because. It's really the first time that we've seen him out of action for say -- With -- about the kids pinch hit will might -- to search and rescue pilot jobs to become a full time -- and this week Kate was smashing. -- -- -- -- The ship younger members of the -- -- -- -- please don't -- pity on demands of the role if needing to step into hot bath. And today they're all here for the queen's birthday parade. This ceremony is older than the US. Houston inspectors cavalry from her -- horse. Today just a -- -- were sold its. The -- has done this every years. Since 1951. And the queen's official birthday is celebrated in June because of the weather and look at this is actually a little sun. In London it's a miracle guys as for K well it's about maternity leave from now on we won't see her until the royal baby -- due in about a month. Dan beyond can't wait for that to birthday party. -- for her announcement that. Thank you Nancy and educator says those are cumulative numbers Philadelphia now look at Carolina.

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{"id":19409701,"title":"Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Birthday","duration":"2:29","description":"Massive party held for the Queen of England.","url":"/GMA/video/queen-elizabeth-celebrates-birthday-19409701","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}