Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized While Will, Kate Away Skiing

Newsweek's Tina Brown discusses news that has left royal watchers buzzing.
4:17 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized While Will, Kate Away Skiing
Begin with a busy weekend for the royal family. Tina brown is here to talk to us about it. Diana perez has the latest. Reporter: New pictures just released show will and kate are not slowing down. Kate hitting the slopes on her own, while her husband and brother-in-law skied nearby. The royal couple, along with prince harry, traveled to switzerland, where prince william was an usher at the wedding of a close friend. Will looked dashing in his tail coat. It was the expectant duchess kate who wowed the world. It was her five-inch brown suede heels that everyone talking. Whatever she wears sells out immediately. We'll continue the see her dress in the way she always has done, conservatively but elegantly. Reporter: They decided to make a minivacation out of the swiss trip. Enjoying a sy at an upscale resort. The royal mom to be could be seen carrying a sled. Spl she was not seen sledding. I highly doubt she was actually sledding. Reporter: Back in the uk, the family's 86-year-old matriarch has been suffering a stomach flu. They have excellent genes. How long her mother lived, to 101. There's though cause for concern in terms of the broad scale of the queen's health. Reporter: For "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. The queen looks great. There was buzz in rome that maybe the queen will get the message from the former pope and retire. There's no way the queen will retire. When she was crowd, she stroud serve all the days of her life. She means it. She did 400 public engagement last year. to worry about? She's so tough. She used to ride every day until recently. She say, I have to be seen to be believed. That means showing up, you know. She comes from good stock. Her mother? 101 that mother. We're seeing so much of kate. I'm no expert. She looks great. Diana was much more overdesigned when she was pregnant. Big floppy collars and massive polka dots and voluminous design things. Kate is much more about keeping it minimal. Staying how she looked before. How much is her and how much is a team around her plotting this all out? Kate is very fashion savvy. She knows what she wants to She loves the high street brands. She went to top shop the other day to buy an $80 dress. You'll never se that dress ever again. Because it's on the waiting ligs. Looks like, they go to friends' weddings, hit the slopes. That they truly enjoy themselves as being family. They do. Of course, the huge difference is this couple really like each other. It's different. Princess die glan was pregnant, it was a terrible pregnancy. It was tough, as kate's haing, but it was tough because they were already fighting and having terrible rows. Fwergt a lot of that. It was miserable. When she discovered she was pregnant, she was on a trip with prince charles. This is a happy couple. He was really jealous of her press. So jealous. She upstaged him all the tame. Kate is so careful about that. The royal family do not wan kate being what die glan was, the rock star who totally eclipsed the monarchy. Tina, thank you very much.

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{"id":18646979,"title":"Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized While Will, Kate Away Skiing","duration":"4:17","description":"Newsweek's Tina Brown discusses news that has left royal watchers buzzing.","url":"/GMA/video/queen-elizabeth-hospitalized-kate-skiing-18646979","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}