Rachael Ray Cooks Up a Halloween Feast

The star chef cooks up ghoulish treats and discusses her new book "Everyone Is Italian on Sunday."
2:37 | 10/28/15

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Transcript for Rachael Ray Cooks Up a Halloween Feast
"Gma," everybody. Joined by our good friend Rachael ray. Give it up for Rachael ray and she's got a new cookbook out called "Everyone is Italian on Sunday" and I know am filled with her Italian recipes and she celebrates her tenth season on "The Rachael ray show." Do you believe it? Double digits. Thank you, baby. Double begin it? S. Ten years with the magazine and on the show and ten years for my husband and I. Tell us about this cookbook because you said it's the single most important work of my life. What does that mean? It was a true labor of love. It really is like a family scrapbook. 400 pages of food and drink. I'm all for it. You're in. All right, but we have all these Halloween decorations you may have noticed. You'll show us how to make your dishes and transform them into spook alicious Halloween delights. A whole roast cauliflower. Take the whole head out and to me that looks like a brain. It does very much so. Cauliflower is very, very good for your brain so we're going to turn this into a perfect treat for Halloween with tons of roasted garlic. You want me to do anything. Stir it in. Roasted garlic and lots of ricotta cheese. I'll reach around you. Do what you got to do. Parmigiano in there. Thym E. Little bit of voo. How does it look when we spooshify it? This is green cheese called derby sage and we made this green by topping it with green cheddar all over the top. Wow. Then we have giant stuffed butternut squash. Perfect for Thanksgiving. Four cheeses but if you want to spookify it. There you go. Turn it into pumpkins, stuffed pumpkins with four cheese. It smells so good. I know, it is good. I got to get all the way to the end. This is my husband's recipe for Italian bloody marys. I'm not mad. Nothing wrong with ha. If you want to chookify it. Whoo. It just looks creepy when you serve it up. All the recipes including that bloody Mary mix are online for you guys. "Everyone is Italian on Sunday" is available in book stores now. Find all those recipes on our website, goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! And thank you, Rachael. Always great to have you here. Have a spooky good weekend.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The star chef cooks up ghoulish treats and discusses her new book \"Everyone Is Italian on Sunday.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34790028","title":"Rachael Ray Cooks Up a Halloween Feast","url":"/GMA/video/rachael-ray-cooks-halloween-feast-34790028"}