Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri Face Off on 'Celebrity Cook-Off'

Rachael Ray talks to Josh Elliott about trying to break her tie on the show's third season.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri Face Off on 'Celebrity Cook-Off'
They're facing off again. Third season of "celebrity cookoff" premiered monday night on the food network. They each won a season so breaking a tie. This is a tough one. May impact the judging. It was awesome. COMING UP ON JANUARY 27th. It was fun. Iron chef. Recap the show how are we doing so far? We're doing really well. Very strong feel. My team, I have florence henderson. She is the bomb and she's so funny. Mrs. Brady. I love her. Mrs. Brady can throw down. Let me tell you not just in the kitchen but when her and judy tart telling dirty jokes. Judy is on, penn jillette, amazing in the kitchen. And I have the bachelor, I got jake. But to watch these people struggle, work 12, 13 hours a day literally they're cooking 12 hours a day in some cases they're playing with knives, fire and they're doing it all for charity. Our winner, of course, gets $50,000 for the charity of their choice. Friend of the program. I love that. I love my brother from another mother. Here we go. Want to play a little game? Yes we're going to play a little game in honor of our show. Sheer we go. It is going to be essentially pictionary. I'm the peanut gallery. I'll go first. I'm eye cheerleader. We're a team. We can do this. All phrases with food in them. You're drawing that. Rachael. Really. Seconds on the clock please. We're quiet. Oh, my god. You gave me a really hard one. Go. Okay. It's a person. It's a man. A woman. Well -- walking -- fire. Walking fire. Fire in an egg. Yes. It's a phrase, a phrase. Walking on eggshells. All right. Lara, here you go. Lara, right here. I don't want you to block. You're trying -- all right. 30 seconds. Go. Wait. Uh, um, um. Okay. Box. Snow. Birthday cake. Birthday cake. A food phrase. Icing on the cake. All right. Come on, come on. Ho, ho. Ginger, you can do this. Come on, ginger. Come on. Come on. Okay. Go. Egg. Cookies. Dot. Potato. Potato. Hot potato. Yes. All right. All right. Coming back for one. George. Stand over here. Please -- this is you right there. Are you going to break the tie? 15 seconds. Go. A week. Calendar. What is that? Once a week. Is that fire. Come on. I love you. Stand back. What is that? It is salad days. Hey, wait. Everybody, can we get a close- close-up? That's days. There's a turnip. Is that a volleyball? How do you write salad days? Come on. Robin, you're not -- robin, you're next. Yeah, baby. All right. Oh, okay. Okay. Give me -- can we all guess? Yes. Whoever guesses first. Okay. Ready. Go, go. 15 seconds. Pie. Pie. Pizza. Easy as pie. Oh. That's how you do it. That's how you do it.

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{"id":21474122,"title":"Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri Face Off on 'Celebrity Cook-Off'","duration":"3:00","description":"Rachael Ray talks to Josh Elliott about trying to break her tie on the show's third season.","url":"/GMA/video/rachael-ray-interview-2014-star-chef-guy-fieri-21474122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}