Rachel Dolezal's Parents Address Issue Over Their Daughter's Race

The Spokane, Washington, NAACP chapter president is under fire for the scandal surrounding misrepresentation of her identity.
4:41 | 06/15/15

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Transcript for Rachel Dolezal's Parents Address Issue Over Their Daughter's Race
week end. We begin with the bizarre story of the naacp leader under fire for pretending to be african-american. Rachel Dolezal's parents are white and they say she is, too. Reporter: It's the moment caught on tape setting off a national debate about race and identity. Are you african-american? I don't understand the question. Reporter: Rachel Dolezal, the president of her local chapter of the naacp was asked by our ABC station in Spokane if she was black and she struggled to answer. Are your parents are they white? I re -- Reporter: She's being accused of pretending she's african-american. Maybe she did great work because now the credibility is not there. Reporter: She grew up blond-haired and blue-eyed. One of her adopted brothers who is part african-american tells ABC news exclusively that she's living a lie. Have she took me aside and told me to make sure no one found out where she was from and for me not to blow her cover. Reporter: Her other adopted brother says she's had to work at it. She started with the hair. And then she would have probably a little darker tan. And it was very Progressive. Reporter: Without yes, she identifies as african-american, attending Howard university on scholarship and lecturing on african studies. City authorities are investigating her for this. Allegedly misidentified her race. I prefer the term black. If I was asked, I would say yes, I do consider myself to be black. Reporter: On Facebook, she described this man in the photo as her father. This morning, it's clear he's not blood. A meeting of the local naacp tonight to discuss the issue has been canceled. For "Good morning America," Steve osunsami, ABC news, Atlanta. Thank you, Steve. We're joined by Ruthanne and Larry D Larry Dolezal. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Rachel Dolezal is your birth daughter? That's correct. Why did you decide to go public and challenge her claims to be black? We were contacted by the coeur d'alene press. We had never been asked until a week ago now. You had never been asked before? No. Because this has been going on for several years, right? For several years, Rachel has been portraying herself in public as black, right, Ruthanne? She was obviously misrepresenting herself. We were aware of that. But we did not pursue exposing her. It was only after the press came to us that we were willing to answer their questions. And Larry, do you have any idea why she's opinion been doing this for so long? No, it's puzzling to us. Rachel claims that another man, an african-american man, Albert Wilkerson Jr. Is her father. How does that make you feel? Well, it hurts. Because I know it's not true. And you all have been estranged for some time. There's a legal matter that involves one of your adopted sons. Of all of Rachel's faults and malicious fabrications this is the worst. She's trying to destroy her biological family. And -- I believe that effort will not succeed. At the end of the story, I'm sure that truth and justice will prevail. Ruthanne, why do you think she's doing it? It's a pretty severe charge. We don't understand it either. How do you think this should end? What should the naacp do right now? We really think that that's their call. Um D-- it's not our place to determine how the other entities should respond. When we're asked questions, we raised our children, tell the truth. It's always the best. And Ruthanne, if you could pick up the phone and talk to Rachel right now, what would you say to her? I would say Rachel, we love you. We hope you'll get the help you need to deal with your own personal issues. So that you can know and believe and speak the truth. Thank you both very much for your time this morning. Thank you very much, George.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The Spokane, Washington, NAACP chapter president is under fire for the scandal surrounding misrepresentation of her identity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31770950","title":"Rachel Dolezal's Parents Address Issue Over Their Daughter's Race","url":"/GMA/video/rachel-dolezals-parents-address-issue-daughters-race-31770950"}