Rafael Nadal Beats Novak Djokovic in US Open Finals

Top tennis players face off in their 37th career match against each other.
2:10 | 09/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rafael Nadal Beats Novak Djokovic in US Open Finals
That blockbuster win for rafael nadal, triumphing over novak djokovic. It was an unbelievable match that started in the sunshine and ended in the night. It has become one of the greatest rivalries in tennis history. Everyone knows how big this is. Reporter: Novak djokovic, facing off against rafael nadal, to determine who is the best in the world. 3:20 of grueling physical spectacle, filled with stunning smashes. That was a wicked shot. Reporter: Ballistic back hands. This is the vicious spin we're talking about. Unbelievable feats of strength. Gliding into that ball. Reporter: How about this. 54-shot rally that earned a standing ovation. A pierce battle filled with sensational highs. And heartbreaking lows. Trying to get his feet back under him. Reporter: But in the end -- rafael nadal has won the u.S. Open for a second time. This guy battles harder than anyone you've ever seen on a tennis court. No doubt about that. Reporter: After a year that sidelined him, rafael nadal became the best in the world. And this was the 37th meeting of their careers. That puts them in the red books BEFORE john McEnroy and ivan lendl. And it continues, robin. You saw firsthand. If I look bleary, it was for the story, people. The baseline. It's incredible. At one point, he fell on the court. There was drama, not that i noticed. Think about where he was a year ago. This is amazing. Tremendous story in sports. Ginger, sam champion's off. On assignment, good to have you

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{"id":20209197,"title":"Rafael Nadal Beats Novak Djokovic in US Open Finals","duration":"2:10","description":"Top tennis players face off in their 37th career match against each other.","url":"/GMA/video/rafael-nadal-beats-novak-djokovic-us-open-finals-20209197","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}