Ravens Fans Clumsier Than 49ers Fans

Find out what has Super Bowl fans dropping their cell phones
0:50 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Ravens Fans Clumsier Than 49ers Fans
-- Is more -- handed the ravens -- the 49ers but the big losers during the game. Could be millions of Americans -- -- their phones I am guilty of this new research from extended warranty provider square trade -- 23. Million Americans have damaged their phones or tablets during sporting events by dropping them on the floor. -- you lick where it hit just point your drink or are throwing him I have dropped my phone into the drink. I was happy yeah what was once it's a long story tonight colored toilets -- but we have to Austria to protect your time today -- keeping it in your hand. No kidding I have had not in your hands on time during a game -- -- -- you're angry about a right to tell they don't the I never telephones in the bathroom right right right because you -- -- make -- call light years. -- --

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{"id":18377409,"title":"Ravens Fans Clumsier Than 49ers Fans","duration":"0:50","description":"Find out what has Super Bowl fans dropping their cell phones","url":"/GMA/video/ravens-fans-clumsier-49ers-fans-18377409","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}