Get Ready for the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year

Last minute holiday shoppers prepare to brave crowds to secure gifts.
2:39 | 12/20/14

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Transcript for Get Ready for the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year
For holiday shoppers, the clock is ticking louder every hour. They will be jamming malls today and this Saturday, super Saturday. Before Christmas, it's expected to take the top spot as the busiest shopping day of the year. Gloria Riviera is out with the early bargain hunters in silver spring, Maryland. You are a brave woman. Good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning. There is good news and not so good news. The good news is if you're watching this your pjs with your cup of coffee, and you have gifts to buy, you can get great deals. The bad news is I'm at a Kohl's, it opened at 6:00 and there are already shoppers here. So you better get moving. Bigger than black Friday. Stronger than cyber Monday. Could today be the biggest shopping day of the year? It's called super Saturday, and experts anticipate Americans will shell out roughly $10 billion shopping for those last-minute holiday deals today. That's a billion more than black Friday's haul. We're predicting a super Saturday that's even big ier than cyber Monday or blaig black pride because the discounts are so big that a lot of people are going to come out. Reporter: Five days before Christmas and right in the middle of hanukkhanukkah, it's perfect for pro Kras nay ors. I have to get something for my mom and brother. I have shopped as late as 10:00 on Christmas eve. I'm the last minute queen. You find a lot of great deals as the time gets closer to Christmas. Reporter: When it comes to deep discounts, super Saturday is the new black Friday for retailers. They're looking at all of the merchandise that they have, and they need to tell it today. Reporter: This 50 inch L.E.D. TV is $200 off at Best Buy. Old Navy is offering up to 75% off the entire store. And Barbie dolls are buy one, get one half off at toys areare are us. And they might just win first place when it comes to savings. This Kohl's where I am, it opened at 6:00. It's going to stay open for 100 hours right up until the end of Christmas eve. It's not the only store doing that kind of marathon sprint to the finish. If you get to Christmas morning and don't have your gifts, cross your fingers and hope for Christmas magic. While you're there, I need some socks. What else do you need? I'm done. Just some gift cards. We'll be fine. Thanks, appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Last minute holiday shoppers prepare to brave crowds to secure gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27734759","title":"Get Ready for the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year","url":"/GMA/video/ready-busiest-shopping-day-year-27734759"}