Rebel Wilson Discusses New Role in 'How to Be Single'

The actress talks about the new romantic comedy coming out just in time for Valentine's Day.
3:35 | 02/03/16

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Transcript for Rebel Wilson Discusses New Role in 'How to Be Single'
Here now with rebel Wilson starring with Dakota Johnson in "How to be single." It hit theaters just in time for Valentine's day. So, take a look. If Tom texts you which he won't because it's still daylight wait four hours to respond. I was not even thinking -- Anything sooner implies that you're needy and really co-dependent and inkarenable of a simple hookup which is all he's good for. When you respond do not respond in full sentences if you use an emoji I will punch you. Fine. Rebel Wilson joins us now. Welcome back to "Gma." Hey, George. We just saw those rules there. Are those your personal rules. The film is based on Ang awesome book with lots of dating advice. I guess in real life I have some rules like don't date a guy who's dating other women at the same time. That's a real good one, isn't it? I think the girls of a bachelor should maybe take on that role. You took on the girls from "The bachelor" and said maybe they should watch how to be single so we'll put you to the test and give some advice. We'll start out with bachelorette Olivia still on the show but seems to have a problem with perspective after Ben tells the group he's lost some close family friends she tries to comfort him by saying this. Like people have written blogs that I have cankles. Sorry. Try to be strong all the time but it's the scariest thing ever. She's crying about cankles. I Ya, I mean I don't think those were cankles. They look like sturdy ankles to me like stankles which is a prize trade in Hungarian society so I think with this lady, I think she just needs to be confident in her own skin because when you're happy with you, you're probably going to attract the right partner into your life and that's probably the number one rule and message in the movie "How to be single." Very well said. Emily and Hayley are twins. Yeah. They came on the show together but last week after learning that Emily was the more dominant twin, Ben dumped Hayley right in front of her twin sister and their mom and here was Hayley's reaction. It's not easy to be rejected, but more importantly I'm thankful that Emily does get to continue this journey even if it's alone. Okay, I think she knees a better occupation than twin. And also a good rule to think about is that when it comes to guys like never compete with your own sister or your mom. Why ever do that. Or your grandma because it's just not cool. Like whoever saw the guy first gets dibs on him. Free shot. What about if they break up. Well, then you can lay claim. Okay. Don't go for it at the same time. Okay. We're just about out of time but ask to have about your fashion line. I'm wearing stuff from my new spring collection for rebel and comes out February 7th so before you sit down to watch the super bowl, just go online and buy some outfits. And you can watch it before you watch "How to be single," February 12th. The best thing to do on Valentine's day weekend. Seriously. If you're a guy take your lady or your guy and you could work out how to get laid.

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{"id":36684432,"title":"Rebel Wilson Discusses New Role in 'How to Be Single'","duration":"3:35","description":"The actress talks about the new romantic comedy coming out just in time for Valentine's Day.","url":"/GMA/video/rebel-wilson-discusses-role-single-36684432","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}