On the red carpet for the premiere of the 'The Last Jedi'

ABC NEWS correspondent Nick Watt shares moments from the red carpet premiere.
3:09 | 12/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for On the red carpet for the premiere of the 'The Last Jedi'
Good morning, America. Gotta love Daisy Ridley. If your little girls are aspiring to be somebody. Dadely Ridley. The world premier of "The last jedi" happened last night. And the movie is one of the biggest releases. Nick watt spoke to the stars on the the red carpet. Reporter: Yep, it's back. It's bigger than every. "Star wars" the third year in a row. Christmas rel. These guys, the pratorian guard. New to the franchise. This is not going to go the way you think. Reporter: "The last jedi" so cloaked in secrecy. I'm not thinking anything. When kylo puts out his hand -- Does he? Reporter: He does. I've seen the trailer. Show me my place in all this. Reporter: John boyega. A little plane troubles in real life. I did not think you were going make it. I know. If your face, weather. Reporter: This all picks up where "The force wakens" left us. Something in side my. It's always been there. Reporter: You quite enjoy keeping the secrets of the films. I do. I do. Reporter: Can you confirm you're in this film? No, I can't. Reporter: Are we going get answers here or just more questions? You'll get answers and some satisfying ones. Reporter: Luke Skywalker is back. And back big. I only know one truth. It's time for the jedi to end. What could have happened to this guy that he would say something like that. Reporter: Carrie fisher's Leia in it. Filmed before she passed. I remember when she was 19. She was very, very special. Reporter: Think you're nervous. I've been doing a bad job. Rian said he wanted to find someone who didn't feel like they belonged in the universe. So, if that gives you any hints. Reporter: There's a new guy playing chewy. You are how tall? I'm seven feet. Reporter: I'll just bet back up here then. The most emotion and humor of any "Star wars" film I have seen. And I've seen them all. Fulfill. Your. Destiny. Reporter: This is a spoiler-free zone. I can tell you, there will be storm troop NERs the movie. And cameos under those helmets include prince William and Harry. Next weekend, Paula and Tom, you'll be able to see the movie, too. Next weekend, we'll see it the. Did you catch the last thing he said. About prince William and Harry. I think that's cool. So many great cameos. They haven't been able to confirm or deny who hay are. Rob might be the movie for all we know. I cannot confirm or deny. Ronny, are you? I cannot confirm or deny that.

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{"id":51699067,"title":"On the red carpet for the premiere of the 'The Last Jedi'","duration":"3:09","description":"ABC NEWS correspondent Nick Watt shares moments from the red carpet premiere.","url":"/GMA/video/red-carpet-premiere-jedi-51699067","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}