Remembering Princess Charlotte's Grandmother Diana

Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana's chief of staff, speaks about what life will be like for the new royal baby.
3:15 | 05/05/15

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Transcript for Remembering Princess Charlotte's Grandmother Diana
The meaning behind the princess's new name. A kensingon the palace spokeswoman saying the name speaks for Saturday. Many can't help but look back at her grandmother, the late prince Diana. She would take them out on the street, take them on the bus. She just wanltsed to be a mum. Reporter: Diana, though gone, is clearly not forgotten. With the newest in line to the throne carrying her name. Kate is a very hands-on mother. In 201, prince William spoke candidly about missing his mother on the wedding day. She would have loved the day. She would have been proud. I'm sad she'll never get the chance to meet Kate. Reporter: As for what Diana would make of the young royal family. She would have been an extraordinarily proud mother and grandmother. And joining us not, Patrick Jephson, princess Diana's chief of staff for eight years. You had such an emotional reaction to the three names. I did. The british like to think they have a stiff upper lip. A couple of months ago, I became a U.S. Citizen. Maybe it's changed me. It was the most emotional moment since Diana's funeral. Diana is a magical name. All over the world, she's remembered with respect and affection. She was the first wife in royal circles. There's a second wife now. She was not really headline news in the palaces anymore. Now, by using this name, by deliberately recalling his mother's legacy, it's like prince William got a hammer and chisel and banged her name into the front of Buckingham palace. She, of course, adored her sons. Did she ever talk about wanting a little girl? She did. I was lucky enough to have two beautiful daughters while I was working for princess Diana. She would talk to me about them and baby girms. She would have loved one. This, I'm sure, would have been the nest best thing. She would have been a fabulous grandmother. Very involved. Also on the teaching the little princess what it's like to be a princess. This is not a celebrity. You're here to work. It's your duty. Royal work is something she's always going to be working at. It's never finished. Well put, Patrick. Well put. So wonderful to have you on this side of the pond with us. Well, it's lovely to be living here now. I feel very fortunate. It gives you the extra perspective on stories like this. We do tend over here to look at it as a bramplg of the celebrity industry. Royalty is not celebrity. We should be carefully not the treat it the same way. Royal people. You're all famous. You can all remember a time when you were Normal. You were regular. We're still regular. Princess Charlotte will never be able to remember a time when she was not a princess. Good point. That's a particular destiny she has. It sure is.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana's chief of staff, speaks about what life will be like for the new royal baby.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30818376","title":"Remembering Princess Charlotte's Grandmother Diana","url":"/GMA/video/remembering-princess-charlottes-grandmother-diana-30818376"}