Ricki Lake's 'Breastmilk' Documentary Stirs Mommy Wars Debate

The producer and former talk show host's latest project focuses in on the heated topic of breastfeeding.
5:32 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ricki Lake's 'Breastmilk' Documentary Stirs Mommy Wars Debate
breast-feeding has become such a heated topic of discussion these days. And Ricki lake is here to talk about a brand-new documentary called "Breastmilk." There's Ricki right now. Let's take a look at the film and the issue at hand. Just the word breast-feeding sparks debate. And it's not as easy as it seems. While most of us want to breast-feed and most of us are trying to do the right thing, it is quite hard. Reporter: In the documentary, women in their own words, speak out about their triumphs and hardships, like new mom, Colle Colleen. Reporter: Two weeks in, she admits that woman and baby are having some trouble. I was very optimistic. I was very naive. Reporter: This dad admits that public breast-feeding makes him uncomfortable. I get shy around people that are exposed. I think it's a reality check for our kirn, what women have to go through. And what kind of families we have. We are happy to welcome Ricki lake. It's like coming home. I watch you every morning. I'm so inspired by you. You had such success, producing "The business of being born." This seemed like the natural progression. This is about choice. We are not telling woman you need to breast-feed. We want women to make an empowered choice. And people feel pressure. Why is that? You look at other societies where it's the norm. It's the norm to breast-feed in public. And it's really a shame. This film is about how hard it is, the struggles, the triumphs and all that is included in breast-feeding. It remains such a hot Hoff butter issue. And people want to know why. I think it's such an -- it's such an amazing opportunity for a mother to bond with her baby. It's wonderful if you can do it. My baby was able to breast-feed. And at the time, my doctor said, are you planning to breast-feed? I had no idea. You had struggled a little bit. I had major struggles. Before I had a lackation coming over. You look at the average woman. 85% of women believe the hospital breast-feeding. And then, it drops off to about a third. And you look at the workplace and pamping is really hard. It's about education and support. Getting the message out. And you're holding community screenings. It's amazing. It's a beautiful film. But it's om going to run in a new cities. It's been successful. And it's bringing the community together so those women in their hometowns can support each other. We have a big social square where we have questions coming in. We have a question. What's the biggest barrier to normalizing breast-feeding in this country? It's like starting a conversation like this women. It's putting it out there and without judgment. In the hospital, they want you rest feed. But it's about everyone coming together to support the woman's choice. Someone at home right now, about to have a baby, what's your takeaway? What do you tell them? I honor that mother. That mother has instincts. And I think her desires need to be heard, whether it's in a hospital system or her family. I get chills because it's such a precious and miraculous time. And I love that I get to be an advocate for women and babies. And I honester them. Without judgment. Love watching on "Dancing with the stars." I want to switch gears right at the end. What do you think about this season? Who is going to win? I've been watching. I remember coming here two years ago. Derek is my favorite. I think he's a jennious genius. I think Maks and the ice skater. Amy Purdy, so much. "Breastmilk" opens today in theaters. Thank you. Thank you. 8:27.

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{"id":23620169,"title":"Ricki Lake's 'Breastmilk' Documentary Stirs Mommy Wars Debate","duration":"5:32","description":"The producer and former talk show host's latest project focuses in on the heated topic of breastfeeding.","url":"/GMA/video/ricki-lakes-breastmilk-documentary-stirs-mommy-wars-debate-23620169","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}