Ricky Martin Pens Children's Book 'Santiago the Dreamer'

The Grammy winner's new book teaches kids to follow their hearts.
4:15 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Ricky Martin Pens Children's Book 'Santiago the Dreamer'
Test Text Back with international pop icon and multigrammy-winning superstar, ricky martin by along with selling 60 million albums, he is a dad to twins. And now, a children's book author. It's the story of a boy who follows his heart. And a father who believes in his son's boundless potential. Thank you for having me here. An exciting morning. It's busy. So great to see you. So many people excited to see you. We loved your music for so long. Your memoir, "new york times" best seller. Why a children's book now? And suddenly, I became a dad. And I allow myself to receive the information that my kids are giving me. You feel as a father, you're going to be giving them information. And you don't know what to do with all this information. So, I started writing. And I started writing one book, which is "santiago the dreamer." Being the first book of a five-book series, that hopefully I'll be presenting this year, is really intense. I'm excited about this project. It's about a relationship of a father and a son. I had a beautiful relationship with my father. And it's like going back to the beginning. When I was reading it, it's such a sweet story. Obviously, you wrote it for your boys. But I have to believe there's a lot of you in santiago. Totally. The first time I was at an audition, I was rejected. They said, next. They said next three times. And santiago goes through that experience. He auditions for a play at his school. And his father is supporting him. This is your dream. We have to fight for what we believe. There's a beautiful line. A signature line in the book. When you reach for the moon, sometimes you can land among the stars. Did you reach for the moon? I've been so lucky with everything I've accomplished. I consider myself a very lucky man. Yes. I've been there and back. I am -- I surrounded myself with very beautiful people. Great managers. Great producers. And we have very beautiful things. I cannot complain. You're among the stars. And your little boy, they're 5? They're 5. How did that happen? I know it all-too well. We have two little helpers. We have twins here. We know you read to your twins. I do. We're going to test your imagine of children's books. We have danielnd robert. Are you ready for your part? Daniel, you're going to read the first quote. Ready? Good night, stars. Good night, air. Good night, noises everywhere. "Good night moon." Ding, ding. What do I get? Robert, you the second quote. Will you share that with us? I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, sam I am. Dr. Seuss. That was beautiful. Time for one more? One more. The wild things cried. Oh, please, don't go. We will eat you up. Yep. "Where the wild things are." That's a scary book. But it's beautiful. A classic. And hopefully, this will be, too, with lines like that and the story line and the message. So beautiful. We're looking forward to those. We've run out of time. But I want to say, I'm so excited to hear more music is on the way. That's right. More music. But for information, go to my cyber community. Will have a lot of information on this. And I heard from your peeps that you are more excited about this music than, perhaps, any other? And the crazy tour, coming. Crazy, massive tour all over the world. The man can tease like no other. Ricky, thank you so much. The name of the book is "santiago the dreamer: In the land among the stars." Danielle steel is opening up

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{"id":20861233,"title":"Ricky Martin Pens Children's Book 'Santiago the Dreamer'","duration":"4:15","description":"The Grammy winner's new book teaches kids to follow their hearts.","url":"/GMA/video/ricky-martin-interview-2013-singer-pens-childrens-book-20861233","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}