Ring Finders Reunites People With Lost Treasures

The company uses an online directory to help people find jewelry that was lost outdoors.
7:29 | 09/16/16

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Transcript for Ring Finders Reunites People With Lost Treasures
It will not be ready for the weekend yeah. Yeah. What would bring a table Sunday night which was around a few months and I think I was anchoring review huge few months back and I. And I lost my wedding and they lost a wedding ring yeah yeah I want to wedding ring out and gave my wife was out of town. I was absolutely. And I certainly didn't look very haven't. Thanks very very nervous is all very innocent explanations don't. About the ring binders there that this is brand new company is a group of military professionals. That are and they're trying to help people when they lose their rings they've got a whole network all across the country about 291 specialists and formed when he initiated. If you lose else they'll go out. And trying to accounted not just wedding rings that right any. Any got Hillary I love that I night. Have you lost something else gosh yes I was borrowing jewelry sometimes we do that and expensive jewelry yes and I was at Carnegie hall and I got by the time I got to my CEOs and blew it the bracelets gun he tells loners Laura home. And its insurer could listen and it turned it into Carney wow and I got to crack but I felt like I was in a bombing I could. I know they are. What happens when this if you don't know where you lost your rings are you don't know where you last night and an accident he had to have yet to give them some some areas at the Elena do you help and it had a quite sick yeah they did little justice I don't know I'm wondering about we if you look. Get a T borrow piece of jewelry are you responsible for paying for the insured like sort of the you know why it seems so I was. Thinking I was gonna have to take out my checkbook I was like oh my god I only got I don't know I think whenever they went from red -- someone I I behind me I don't ask I doubt that figure. Kansas has come towards by the way the solution to this is just to gauger ring size too small so that you never can never taken yeah. Alley actually taught me to tell you can. She's in control over right now that. It's not a ring finder's minutes about all over the country I think that is a great idea is again not just for ratings the top of god bring you it is about not making lunch for kids it's got an. Kind of out of control it and move when I'm unique lunch for the kids it's in a brown bag and it's pretty simple amazing really opulent about it. You're not leave now limping during the public doesn't like the peanut allergy that stuff yeah I can't make their lunches so yeah are. They it's kind of like they are forced to be I tell you before the night before went when I have to and most times you don't it's like for field trips or. But anyway this is up a big check that's happening these really fancy lunch boxes do you guys as anybody how you do have an outstanding loans wouldn't that I mean it literally looks like Bobby flight pack that. It's incredible and his wedding you know there's is merely funny article about this right now people are incensed on social media his articles in the Washington Post. And there's one mommy is centered in its article and she says. I doubt it would never cut the crossed off from the sandwich and now I find myself making tortillas in Robles who. I like it's it's goes back to sort of that pressure on social media you see pictures on FaceBook. About other moms and she feels this pressuring her kids saying what what what you know where's my. Tortilla and roll and why don't like why moms give into the press I agree I actually heard during the story at a semi has been a tactic to be packed like just because I totally forgot to usually think it's like meld the last thing we're doing in the morning. But my kids I did buy the nozzle compartmentalized lunches and in light Amitabh. And in the meantime before it happened another much but I just boggles brown paper bags have little smiley face on and they thought it was cool as my kids little plastic things you have to watch them and I dislike it's so much work and you know it's not a lot of work lunch of Molson. Actually capable of doing this and think yes and (%expletive) I gladly clearance idea well yeah are dancing to. All right who remembers an evil Knievel tries to jump over the Snake River he needs in the rocky night you know what we'll. Make it if you don't remember that jumped out went down in history and now this weekend Hollywood stuntman. Levon will try to finish. What evil can be able started and heat. Before he doesn't he is joining us lying. Is a very dangerous stuff I have to ask why are you doing. Why am I doing it well he the first look good morning thanks for having reached mom. I'm doing I met able Kabila's a small child and he inspired me so much when I met him I mean this was a man with a case. Alliance. I wanted to be like Gil. And and after thirty years of being a professional stunt man what better way to finish out my career that the pay homage to the man that inspired me. So you're doing this for your hero but I got to ask because Eddie a lot of people this ran say you're crazy you're going to be propelled. From a rocket 400 miles per ARIAD to go 2000 feet but you for kids is it worth the rest. Yeah that this statement that I make all of I don't care if people think I'm crazy or not I'm not. All I care about is what my fourth children things. Dan and I'm doing some thing and the way that I'm doing it will stand the test of time and my children obese. Happy and proud and and what better life lesson then to show your kids through actions. That you try and do things that are nearly impossible obvious. Well you don't really get a chance to practice too much but I do have thirty plus years of a career I'm very proud of as a professional stunt man. And a and an M Kennedy helping you a little bit right before this right with some pump up music. Lose yourself as an. Oh absolutely there there's signs have been listening to even to the drive here today. They just motivate me one what are the sizes Eminem's lose yourself resistance. Hello hurricane. Listen above the book they're incredibly inspiring to me. RA and Eddie says he's gonna keep trying and trying until he makes it it is his life goals we will be watching Eddie best of luck to you good luck and I. Okay. So our let's head over ginger also professional when it comes everything homes aren't you kind in the yet and not lovely yourself didn't you got some the next when you are talking about losing your reign of miss seat from Minnesota raised her hand used to have a after how many years money. Twenty years and so that love is enough as evidence. Do arts and use that ranked eleventh in the I had picked that.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"The company uses an online directory to help people find jewelry that was lost outdoors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42133150","title":"Ring Finders Reunites People With Lost Treasures","url":"/GMA/video/ring-finders-reunites-people-lost-treasures-42133150"}