Road to Recovery: Robin Roberts' First Week Back

GMA anchor sits down with Diane Sawyer to talk highs and lows to recovery.
2:57 | 02/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Road to Recovery: Robin Roberts' First Week Back
We can't let the morning go without talking about what an amazing week it's been at "gma" and abc. After five months of being away on medical leave, our colleague, robin roberts, returned home, back to the anchor desk that just wasn't the same without her. Diane sawyer fantastic having her back. She was gone for 174 days, for a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Louise she sat down with her friend diane sawyer for an intimate conversation about her dramatic road to recovery. When thelma and louise ride again. Reporter: For seven years, we were next to each other, facing every morning. The good days, tough days, and then, good days again. When you wake up in the morning, i what's different now? Long I feel pretty much like myself.O want to comfort us. I mean, for many, many days and months, as just a fogginess. I was taking the funk for a long time. Transplant. I was faking the funk, for a long time.E strength you've got. You knew I was.Cular we want to comfort those peoe who want to comfort us. Reporter: Comfort, through the hard reality that comes with the miracle of a bone marrow transplant. All but even if you believe in miracles, sometimes it takes all the strength you've got. I remember one particular evening, not feeling well at all.Se, jennie- and just slipping away. A m and all of a sudden, as clear as all getout, I heard my name. Robin? Robin? Reporter: Did you think of I just remember opening my eyes. And my sweet nurse, jennie -- who always had a mask on. M her eyes are this large. Tru and she's looking at me. I almost wanted to go, what? Reporter: Did you think of at that moment you had a choice? If she hadn't been there? I was thinking about my mom a lot. To where and in fact, truth be known, at first, I thought it was my mom, calling my name. And in a way, I think it was my mom's voice.Eryone struggling a and not for to come to where she is now. But for me to stay where I am. Reporter: Returning, to bring everyone struggling a message. Faith, family, friends and the power you have within. What do you see when you look in your eyes, you own eyes now, in the morning? I know people you know what? I see a strong woman. I know people have said that about me. How we rea but we all know our own insecurities. And we all know how we really feel about ourselves. I feel strength, like I have never felt before. I do. If this has taught me I do. If this has taught me anything, it's that there's a finite amount of time that we all have to do whatever it is we're meanteant to do. Now and nowhere is it written that we should not be happy.

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{"id":18573777,"title":"Road to Recovery: Robin Roberts' First Week Back","duration":"2:57","description":"GMA anchor sits down with Diane Sawyer to talk highs and lows to recovery.","url":"/GMA/video/road-recovery-robin-roberts-week-back-18573777","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}