Rob Lowe's Amazing Transformation Into Iconic JFK for 'Killing Kennedy'

Lowe immersed himself in footage and audiotapes to nail down perfect Kennedy accent.
3:41 | 10/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rob Lowe's Amazing Transformation Into Iconic JFK for 'Killing Kennedy'
What a transformation rob lowe has become. Taking on all kinds of different characters. Drew peterson. Jeff ashton. The unforgettable turn as liberace's plastic surgeon. Now, going for a little inspiration, playing jfk in "killing kennedy." Take a look. That's supposed to be me. It is. It was always supposed to be you. Are you ready? I am, today, announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the united states. Here he is, right now, rob lowe. That is uncanny. This is something I can only imagine what it must have been like for you, as they called. You admired kennedy for a long time. He's been a hero of mine for years. I've read every book on his presidency that you can read. So, when they called me, I felt like I knew everything I needed to know. But I thought, oh, my god, here's the moment. Can I do this? And so much -- you do bear some real resemblance. I take that as a compliment. To me, he's the ultimate in charisma. There's that famous, iconic portrait right there. We have the real shot of rob lowe, playing john kennedy. They're pulling it up. Here we go. The glasses. That was one of the things you figured out, this was a little tick. I was watching -- there's so much amazing footage of him. He didn't like to be photographed in the glasses. He did wear them to read. There's very, very few photos of the most photographed man in the 20th century, with them. He kept them in the breast pocket. That's why his pocket square was always a disaster. For somebody so fly. I know more useless jfk trivia than anybody needs to hear. And you got the accent down pat. But your son didn't fully appreciate it. He put out a great tweet. My boys were so over me practicing. I love to follow them on twitter because that's the way I find out things about my kids. John owen tweeted, my dad is practicing his kennedy again. #Ohgodmakeitstop. Give us a little bit. It's hard to do that now. It's been a long time. And you went -- you're the only person I will do that for. Just want you to know. That's how I feel about you. Oh. Only do it for you. There we go. You're the man. Thank you. I love all of the scenes with j gennifer goodwin. She was so transformational also as jackie. When I looked into her face, i felt I was transported to being with jackie. And she made my performance work because she was already in the place I needed to get to. To see her in that chanel tragic beautiful pill box hat and outfit was so heartbreaking. It was easy to find all of the stuff I needed. You found it all as a deep performance. Congratulations. "Killing kennedy" on nat geo channel. When we come back, we're going to sit down with matthew

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{"id":20725422,"title":"Rob Lowe's Amazing Transformation Into Iconic JFK for 'Killing Kennedy'","duration":"3:41","description":"Lowe immersed himself in footage and audiotapes to nail down perfect Kennedy accent.","url":"/GMA/video/rob-lowes-amazing-transformation-iconic-jfk-killing-kennedy-20725422","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}