Rob Marciano Goes Dog Sledding in Beautiful Colorado Mountains

The ABC News Meteorologist details his dog sledding adventure.
3:31 | 01/15/17

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Transcript for Rob Marciano Goes Dog Sledding in Beautiful Colorado Mountains
Rob, as you know is one of the top dogs around here. Recently, though, as you're seeing he learned what it was like to be around a different kind of pack. In the beautiful mountains of Colorado he went dogsledding, rob I got to say had to have been a great adventure. It certainly is. We've had so much snow across this area. Literally covered snowy tundra so we sought out to see what it's like to get around old school style. Not by any man-made machine but by the power of man's best friend. So, these are world class athletes. What these are are an alaskan husky, breeding the best of the best and that's where they come from. They're with Chris Hoffman, former iditarod racer, the key to a good dogsled I'm quest guessing is the dog. This one's name is -- Teddy. Teddy, you want to go or do you want to stay. I think she's ready for "Dancing with the stars." You want to do dancing? Hi, Annabelle. Obviously very friendly. Cougar. Maybe we'll take her with us today. You want to do some running, cougar. You excited? You're sort of excited. Cougar, cougar, cougar. I think I'm scaring her now. Let's find the other seven. This is what happens when they figure out that someone gets to go sledding. Super excited. Dog mushing. Don't let go, second rule of dog mushing, don't let go. How do I steer it? Lean to the left you go left, lean to the right you go right. Whoa, whoa, this is awesome. Whoo. I told you not to let go. Lean a little right now, rob. Now we'll have a hard left and lean left. Whoa. We're sliding. Almost wiped out. We are moving now. Oh, man. I didn't realize I'd be put to work. I'm getting tired and I'm cold. "Maybe baby?" What we'll do is put cougar in there for you and let cougar sit on your lap. You ready to ride shotgun. This is much better. Much better. Glad we got I warmed up, rob. Cougar was -- they're all sweet dogs. My thanks to grizzle T dog and sledworks. 122 of those beautiful alaskan huskies, a little skinnier than the siberian huskies go through over 250 pounds of meat and kibble and Turkey fat a day over 5,000 calories these dogs go through. That's when they're not trading for the iditarod so Michael Phelps sort of intake. Who had more fun the dogs or you because that visual where they learn that somebody was going sledding. They all come out of their little doghouses and just bark. They loved it. There is no question that these dogs are well treated and happy. They just want to run. They love it. They want to do it all the time and, yeah, when word gets out that the sled is going to be strapped up they all want to go and they all want to run at it. Peaceful to be out there. You could see it as they're running. When you're out there, yeah. It's -- all you hear is their panting and their excitement but it's really amazing to be out there amongst the beautiful landscape. It's a serene environment. Thank you, rob. We hear that cougar filed a union grievance about having to ride with rob but we'll address that later. Thank you, Robert. Coming up here on "Gma" the

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The ABC News Meteorologist details his dog sledding adventure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44784325","title":"Rob Marciano Goes Dog Sledding in Beautiful Colorado Mountains","url":"/GMA/video/rob-marciano-dog-sledding-beautiful-colorado-mountains-44784325"}