Romney Family Cookbook Shares Treasured Recipes

Ann Romney shares tried and true recipes from her kitchen to yours.
3:00 | 10/06/13

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Transcript for Romney Family Cookbook Shares Treasured Recipes
fever. Sticking in boston, a new book. Ann romney shares tried and true recipes that got her famous and famously large family to the fable. Also sprinkled inside, a few surprise details as wife of mrs. Mitt romney. Not always smooth sailing of raising five boys. She wrote this for her daughters-in-law. I join her in boston to find out just what it took to manage her family. I love you women. Reporter: Once known as the candidate's wife. We are there for you. Reporter: Ann romney's personal story was fodder on the 2012 campaign trail. A stay-at-home mom to 5 boys and a grandmother to 22. These days, speeches have been replaced by appointments on the home front. Take the spoon. Reporter: Like baking her cookies with grandsons joe, age 11, and 3-year-old johnny. We talked about your husband being the business man. To run a family the way you did, that takes more a business mind than anything else because you really have to plan ahead. I was very disciplined and structured about organizing the meals. Reporter: Much more than your typical cookbook, the romney family table reads like a candid autobiography. One that happens to be centered around a wide variety of favorite meals. The matriarch reveals that as newlyweds, an ironing board served as their dining room table. And like many mom, she was sometimes pushed to the limit. I would drive down the block and cry for a minute. Catch my breath and go back and face the demons. Reporter: To decrease parental angst, she would do shorcuts, including dressing the boys for sunday church on saturday. They didn't look the best. But they were there. Reporter: On time. Mrs. Romney says the book is meant to offer easy by recipes with the goal of bringing families to the table and increase the family bond. Have a cookie. Reporter: Johnny was so cute. And mrs. Romney believes that uniting families around the dinner table not only makes tm stronger but can solve a lot of problems in this world. It's empowering for women. And my favorite part of the work is when mitt romney wolde tell her she was doing the most important job. They are a very tight knit family. Did you bring us cookies? Yeah. I want a cookie. I ate them all. She ate them all. It's time for a topic

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{"id":20485749,"title":"Romney Family Cookbook Shares Treasured Recipes","duration":"3:00","description":"Ann Romney shares tried and true recipes from her kitchen to yours.","url":"/GMA/video/romney-family-cookbook-shares-treasured-recipes-20485749","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}