Rosario Dawson opens up about 'Unforgettable'

The actress dishes on her role in the upcoming thriller.
7:05 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Rosario Dawson opens up about 'Unforgettable'
I'm square and if fighting starts out great because you have a great audience health he would bet thank you get. Then we all know our next guest from the hit movie musical rent. He's also popular enough all over the Malden world announcement in the new thriller. Unforgettable. Please welcome the unforgettable. Those are yield DOS. Okay. The in. Oh you are you learn. Busy one yes you sold me the got a new movie unforgettable what you gonna talk about the second deeply care clear temple. It moved cage which I love not going to be an all the marble so long Netflix. What do you know the whole story when you're on set the you know everything's going on tomorrow William overnight. Now on and I don't know if they don't tell you anything as well Mike it's really inches staying you know normally doing film you get a script you know exactly what you're gonna do and you're agreeing to end. May be some changes but in general that's what it is this I said yes and Franklin temple. Ford daredevil. Five shows later my characters dam in China I'm gonna look. I absolutely and he happens to you actually like all of us watch at home you binge watch how do you catch up on what's happening like my character how many have been had so many premieres of the different shows and most of the time my character doesn't sharpens alike episode or five. So I keep earnings premieres and I'm not in my friends like what you can. I don't even vented on the weekend. It's weird because everything out every show I've been on the only used the first script I get as the first script I'm and so every time I've watched this season when it's come out I have to binge it is welcome I don't know what happens in the water tank they're supposed seeker and and it's raised. We have some good news for you because as we hear Jimmy we specialize in studies. That tell you could reinforce and help you do what you wanna do exactly so now we try got a Sonny West Virginia University been collecting is good for you. We'll make you smarter. I like it's also the I am just saying that's its plane when you want eBay to watch you're watching these must bishop there's about thirteen amounts affect thirteen hours and entertainment your basically reading it's like reading a book but watching and listening to an inside so my kids to sell its Harry. Rather than like almost cuts and turns and you know the things that don't necessarily sometimes makes sense and an art not because you have to cut so much stuff out you get to have that robust story with all the different characters you really gat. And immersed in a world knows you learn stuff you can again losing his job people who. Yeah like Katrina bench watching was a thing only when people I got sick this week it's like caught up aren't yet and now it was due and her life I lead. We're gonna cans Lincoln had been lost on it but it's like that's a new way of people watch that it's amazing so I had an oh if you notice we have a new CEO on the ice. A. Rebellions that sort of looked like yeah. Is here yeah an imaginary. Girl used to love to sing while you vacuums Alia. I've had so many and I'm moments of just like flights or on light and it I want you and I both in my glove and not doing the same spotlight. It's like Brad barreling here and they'll be ever and other. I'm a mom would just like he cannot be. Like celebrate that event and I just think that aired just its own adult music video days to make in Manhattan she said that you just. You just now and or she knew from a very young age that that this was this is gonna happen yeah. I just had a amazingly dot was just telling me actually he was talking out when he he was the first person to meet me. My biological that they was the first person to meet me that wasn't biological I was two weeks old. And he came downstairs and he was re describing any said he remembers. Coming down and looking at in the bassinet and I was like just happy about myself and house and I looked at him and he said it was like. He had a vision and was like you have to protect her you have to look out for her she you have to be open to sharing her with the world she's got a lot that she's going to be doing like he just how all these visions. And I never heard that for many just told me that recently hit and then he and that they got married when I was one years old and so. I didn't drop a single with a single parent like I would have had to my biological father stepped out my guy I have my dad and my guys always been there for me. And it's wonderful I have my. Just like how like superhero they aren't being in the super hero world and if you won super hero that you would love to play. What I always wanna Nike I'm always on my she Hulk. Voice talking about a mile things I've my mom was always Wonder Woman like this out of my mom with six but pretty much since she was like thirteen years old. So like I think it efforts are brick house elect asked my mom's not Jay that Barak. This is not a little Charlie always got to Wonder Woman stopped for whatever. Are right now there's like a major campaign that's going on in that I'm calling a major 'cause I think it is spent. There's a whole campaign that's going on online to try to get me Star Wars to test the. Foreign wars follows you want Twitter. I didn't know anybody I don't know I didn't like I did your parents and international me. Well I don't know that this is an audition clip we're not we have a little bit of unforgettable we should show right now. Each team to say I'm sorry who ask you. She safer here than she is alone with you. You're ready. Billy. Come on his daddy's day leaving. It's. Yeah. The buckeye arises mostly the most brilliant actress has ever worked with and I mean not whole CM with Charlotte and Katie eichel was like ridiculous this incredible women. But we have this little scene after its does not stand up to her mom like best and then we both get in the car has like I'm going to be in trouble yes. You know what we won the tag lines and his movie and having killer girls' night out okay. Should go see it it is unforgettable. In theaters to date everybody enjoyed broad.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"The actress dishes on her role in the upcoming thriller. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46926950","title":"Rosario Dawson opens up about 'Unforgettable'","url":"/GMA/video/rosario-dawson-opens-unforgettable-46926950"}