'Rough Night' star Kate McKinnon reveals which of her 'SNL' characters she'd invite to her bachelorette party

McKinnon and Jillian Bell discuss their roles in the comedy about a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami that goes terribly wrong.
6:32 | 06/13/17

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Transcript for 'Rough Night' star Kate McKinnon reveals which of her 'SNL' characters she'd invite to her bachelorette party
Two great guests we bring to the table, the very talented and funny actresses stars in the new movie "Rough night," please welcome Kate Mckinnon and Jillian bell. Mwah. How are you? How are you? George. All keep hugging the whole segment. A lot of love to go around this table. Wow. Skipping out there. Yeah. You know, welcome. Welcome. Thank you so much. Thank you. For having us. Each time you talk -- But what a cast for this movie. I mean you two, of course, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz and I hear with that there was a lot of singing on the set. There was a lot of singing which the crew did not enjoy. Why is that? Because it was constant. It did not stop. It was high pitched and constant and, yeah, we would just -- I would turn to Jillian and go -- ??? and that was on loop all day. We didn't stop. Oh, we rift. . You have a musical background and play several instrument, Kate. I do. I don't sing as good as Jillian sings but -- That's the biggest lie you've ever told on "Good morning America." Beautiful voice, she sings in the film actually. Jillian and I decided backstage that we would at some point just go, ha, ha. And we messengered to work it in. It's, again, brilliant. It's funny. It makes us laugh. Thank you so much. And I love the whole premise of it because we all have friends. We get together after some time, but we're going to play a little clip and the characters, you guys didn't really hit it off at first. Not at first. Let's take a look. You're all Jess' best friends, I am Jess' best friend so we're already best friends. I'm sorry to interrupt but Jess were freshman year roommays so it's kind of like family. I'm going to grab a chair. Feel free to jell. I'm famished. That was us. I know you're from long Island. Fellow long islander. Lk to us about the Australian accent. How did you perfect that? Through a series of demanding physical exercises, I was able to transform my gullet into an Australian gullet. No, I listened to a bunch of podcast and would walk around the streets of New York with headphones on going, hello, hello. And people walking by me must have been very confused because I was just talking to myself in an Australian accent. Kate Mckinnon said hello to me today in a very odd way. A lot of physical comedy too. But some kind of encounter with a planter. Hh-oh. Oh, it was bigger than a planter, Mr. S. It was a big pit of brambles that I rolled into and -- But so slowly. We thought it was a joke and then we're like Kate is seriously hurt. She's also like -- and she's laughing. You're laughing. And you are such a hero and she rescued me like a fire woman and just pulled out -- then all the girls just gathered. Just all day. And picked little brambles out of my skin. It was very, you know, summer camp 1992. I loved it. Little picking party. And, Jillian, you led a dance routine in a movie. Did she ever. To show here on "Gma" but what is your go to move? Oh, my go to move is a step touch. It's just a quiet little side-to-side step touch. I like that. Keep it simple. No one asked me to dance. If you see the dance in in movie you're going to just rewind. Rewind, rewind. Keep watching. That was the scariest thing I've ever done in a movie. Why? I'm not a natural dancer. I don't have rhythm, so that was terrifying. At one point my friend was helping me with the dance and she goes, actually just skip that move because your body is not doing it. But it worked out. Honey, you did it. You did it great. Thank you. Yeah. Thanks. We were all loving your "Snl" characters and wondering if you had a bachelorette party which characters would you invite? You know what, that's interesting. That is a fun question. You know, I play a character who is like a chainsmoker who call gets abducted by aliens. Oh, I love that. My favorite. This is a nice audience. This is a really good audience. I love that character. I think she would -- Oh, man, she'd be great at a party. Just sit with her legs -- I can't do it right now because I'm in a dress. I I'm in a short dress. Every time you play her whoever you're with in the scene bursts out laughing. They cannot keep it together. You know, it's a fun show. We have a good time. But I tell you what we love having you both here. You're both so fun yourselves and I think you got rhythm. That two-step is hard. You got it see the dance. She's incredible. If you want to laugh, the best medicine, we talked about that yesterday go out and see "Rough night" it hits theaters on Friday starring these two.

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{"id":47996903,"title":"'Rough Night' star Kate McKinnon reveals which of her 'SNL' characters she'd invite to her bachelorette party","duration":"6:32","description":"McKinnon and Jillian Bell discuss their roles in the comedy about a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami that goes terribly wrong.","url":"/GMA/video/rough-night-star-kate-mckinnon-reveals-snl-characters-47996903","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}