The Royal Baby Name Mystery

The name of Prince William's newborn son has yet to be released.
4:59 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for The Royal Baby Name Mystery
Now that we know when the new prince was born and how much he weighs, everyone is wondering what's his name going to be? They're noble names. Will the new parents go for something more trendy? Let's go back to lara in london with more on that. Hey, lara. Hello, robin. My guess is they will stick with tradition. And we have no idea when the name will happen. Everybody's so excited about it. But it could take a while. The queen waited a month to announce charles' name. And a week for william's name. Could be today. Maybe not today. But what will it be? Everyone is guessing, including us. Talk about an heir mystery. The royal heir's name, still unknown. That hasn't stopped people from speculating. By george, he's got it. By george, he's got it. Reporter: George isn't a bad guess. There's been six kings with that name. James, also a contender. But if frequency is any indication, the prince of cambridge could be called edward, a name shared by 11 past kings. The royal throne has seen eight king henrys. The new name of the uncle, prince harry. There's the possibility that will and kate could go with a game not steeped in royal history. We're not talking north west or apple. But perhaps francis. It's likely the royal baby will have several name, like his royal dad, william arthur philip louis. Or his grandfather, charles phillip arthur george. George is my guess. I'm going with james. It means the planter. And seeing how this baby kicked out prince harry in succession, I think james is appropriate. And this is for you, george stephanopoulos. I'm going with tradition. I'm going with george joshua samuel lucky. That's a great name. I just wrote george four times. Apparently there's a lot of reasons why. But sarina said, watching the special report, I'm going to name him james. James josephat. I want that name to make a comeback. Let's bring in patrick, who served as princess diana's chief of staff and private secretary for eight years. You have the names, don't you? It's an english habit. And you come to america and say, middle initial. Take your pick. You have four names? Mine is patrick desmond christian journey. It's a name-check game for older families. This is what we're looking for with the new baby. There will be some that they feel has to go in there. Will they have to go with four. Well, stephanopoulos. We're going to bang this into the ground. Diana, she followed suit. Yes. Obviously, this is -- almost a tribal thing here. This is not just a celebrity. This is the head of the british tribe that's been born. The tribe expects to see the familiar names. And because the british navigate through their history by using kicks and queens' names. Cate blanchett, her character, elizabeth, gave her name to victoria. Maybe this new baby, the new king, who will be the first king of the 22nd century, probably. True, right. His name will probably live in history, too. They have to get it right. Will the queen have a say? I feel the queen's influence is benign and distant. They will want to pass it in front of her first. But my guess is they will stick with traditional royal names. I would guess, also, there will be a nod towards the new prince's grandparents, grandfather, in particular, prince charles. Arthur is a popular name. One of william's names. The grandfather's names. And the legendary king name of all in english history. The nights of the roundtable. I hope that's in there. I like that. You are a delight. Samuel j. Champion. We're going to start with

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{"id":19744270,"title":"The Royal Baby Name Mystery","duration":"4:59","description":"The name of Prince William's newborn son has yet to be released.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-prince-william-kate-middleton-released-sons-19744270","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}