New rule would allow first-year residents to work 24-hour shifts

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:16 | 03/13/17

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Transcript for New rule would allow first-year residents to work 24-hour shifts
Big board. Dr. Mike varshavski is here at the table for our first story. Looks like you'll hit the rounds. I go to the hospital right after this. I'm ready. You are our first story. Could your doctor be dangerously tire. A new rule sparking a debate allowing first year residents to work 24-hour shifts in hospitals starting July 1st. And on the surface as a patient we're like, oh, this is -- no, but, doctors actually believe that this is something -- a good thing, why. Sure. Accreditation counsel that's in charge of making this decision realized that through evidence based research that prior to this patients were actually getting worse treatment in the hospital during the 16-hour shifts. The reason for that is you have an extra eight-hour shift that needs to be covered by another physician. Whenever you have that handoff of care to another doctor that's where the mistakes happen. When you have more handoffs you have more mistakes. It's not actually the hours that count. Wow. Never thought of it like that. I'm tired of an eight-hour day. You know what I'm saying. Dr. Mike, you're a third year medical resident, in summit, new Jersey. You've been through this. You've worked 24-hour shifts so how do you feel about this decision to actually make it possibly longer. Absolutely. Well, the late person may not know this but actually a 24-hour shift is more favorable to residents themselves. Why is that? When you work a 16-hour shift that's usually from 6:00 A.M. To 10:00 P.M. You work a couple extra hours to finish up now going into midnight. You still have to be back at 6:00 A.M. The next morning. Not so great. You work a 24-hour shift the next day you have off to relax, catch up on sleep, catch up on work and that is crucial. Any downside. Sure, absolutely. I mean schlepp deprivation is key here. You want doctors to be safe. That's why the impetus has been put on hospitals themselves to keep doctors and patients safe. If anyone notices one of the doctors to be sleep deprived making wrong decisions time to act and if they notice when they're driving home that there's an issue, doctors can call the hospital and get a car to take them home to make sure there's no accidents. Do we need I.D. From him to make sure he's legit. Are you sure? Let's see some I.D. Here. Doing by houser is the nickname. Have to go through all those years. Look like you're still in high school, man. Thank, you Dr. Mike. Next up, everybody, get those brackets ready. March Madness, it's finally here and last night the NCAA revealed which teams get a ticket to the big dance. And there was some big celebrations especially from the northwestern wildcats who are heading to their first tournament in school history and ESPN's Jay Williams is joining us now and good morning to you, Jay and, you know, Jay, Julia louis-dreyfus whose son is on that northwestern team tweeted out we're going to the dance, boys. Along with that video of her "Seinfeld" character Elaine dancing as you can see it right there. Whose hearts got broken because everybody is thought that happy. Whose hearts got broken and who is the team that is the hottest heading into the tournament? Mike, I would say the two teams are Illinois state, they're a smaller team and didn't have a chance to get as many big wins in their nonconference and Syracuse headed by hall of famer Jim boeheim, they got snubbed as well but the hottest story in college basketball right now are the Michigan wolverines. They had that plane crash, everybody, thank god, was okay, but this team was tied for fifth in the big ten. They go into the big ten tournament and they win three games in three days, they were the highest seed to ever in the history of the big ten tournament win three games and three days and they are by far the hottest team in the nation. There's a karma behind them in the midwest region and how can you not ride with the Michigan wolverines. They have everything going in their direction. I like your ALMA mater, duke. He likes them too. Trying to be fair like that. Last you were with us you were talking about UCLA, one of your top picks. Yes, they are in there. And many feel that they're going to go a long way. There is controversy there with the team. Yeah, you have Alonzo ball one of the top players in the nation and probably go top three in the 2017 NBA draft but his father lavar ball has started a branding company called triple B's. Big baller brand marketing their kids. He has three kids and committed to UCLA and selling merchandise and saying the father is exploiting the kids. The father says ucl and NCAA are exploiting the kids but they're creating a reality show that's probably going to be sold to B.E.T. This is the Kim Kardashians of college basketball. They are the best reality show to watch right now. This is something we can argue about all day. I know. We won't even get into it but, Jay, the table is set. You're the man. Who is playing in the final four? What's your prediction. I have duke, I have Arizona, I have North Carolina and I have Gonzaga and then in the finals in the championship game, I have duke versus North Carolina tobacco row rivalry. Old school. Duke has won two already and I have duke as my national championship. No bias here. Who you got, Dr. Mike. I got duke. You go with Jay. Whatever Jay says. I will let the professionals decide in thank you both very much and the women's selection is tonight 7:00 on ESPN. Check it out, ginger, the late

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{"id":46089996,"title":"New rule would allow first-year residents to work 24-hour shifts","duration":"5:16","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/rule-year-residents-work-24-hour-shifts-46089996","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}