Ryan Gosling's Directing Debut: Actor Casts Eva Mendes

Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:59 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for Ryan Gosling's Directing Debut: Actor Casts Eva Mendes
Let's get to it. Ryan gosling, so great in front of the camera. Now, he will make his directing debut. He has made a smart casting choice, he wants to keep the girlfriend happy. Gosling has cost eva mendes in "how to catch a monster." She's also a terrific actress. The surreal story has already set the star christina hendrix, as a mother of two who is pulled into a dark underworld. Production, set to begin this spring. Or she may have said you're not working alone with christina hendricks. She may have said that. Really. I'm just guessing. You're stirring it up. You really are. It's the in thing to do. Another mainstream brand hiring an upscale designer. Diet coke has done it. Fashion designer mark jacobs has been hired to give the brand a face-lift. As new creative director, he didn't waste any time releasing these photos of himself drinking a diet coke. That's a face-lift. Is that really him? He works out. That's him. He's ripped. He made a new commercial for diet coke. He'll design limited edition of bottles and cans. And I pity the fool who doesn't follow mr. Ton twitter. The actor and professional pittier of fools just joined. He has a new youtube show called "ask mr. T.," Where he helps solve your problems. His first task on his new program was helping a nice man named nigel fix the copier machine at nigel's workplace. He offered these words of wisdom. Mr. T. Never hates a fool for being a fool. He just pities them. That's an important differentiation. And additions to the star-studded lineup. Charlize theron, joseph gordon levitt, and channing tatum, to appear at the academy awards. They've been announced, not as presenters. As special appearances. No word on exactly what they'll be doing. I would not, however, be opposed to a "magic mike" tribute. If they can't get it together, we have one more team. We could do our own "magic mike" tribute, as we did with magic josh and magic lara. And magic sam. Just an idea for you, seth and the oscar team. Check those out. Oscars are february 24th on abc. Can we just never see that again? I doubt that. Probably not. I doubt that.

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{"id":18429093,"title":"Ryan Gosling's Directing Debut: Actor Casts Eva Mendes","duration":"2:59","description":"Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-goslings-directing-debut-actor-casts-eva-mendes-18429093","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}