Reynolds, Bridges on 'R.I.P.D.' and Co-Star Quiz

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges try to outdo each other on "GMA" Co-Star Confidential.
5:02 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Reynolds, Bridges on 'R.I.P.D.' and Co-Star Quiz
Jeff bridges and ryan reynolds. Hi. We're so lucky. We're going to talk about their new supernatural action movie "r.I.P.D." Here to explain the concept are the stars, ryan and jeff. In the clip, they're getting to know each other a little bit. Look at the ankles on that girl. That's what you're into? Ankles? That's what does it for you? Modern-day, women, they dress more conservatively. That's less creepy. What is your day? 1800s. I'm what they called a lawman. It was considered a sexy name at the time. And jeff and ryan join us this morning. I love the concept of this movie. You guys are partners in the after-life. And you're not exactly a match made in heaven. Well -- you're 200 years old. And you're recently deceased. A knnewbie. At first, you don't know you're dead. And what's your mission on earth? I had a few times in my life, I didn't know I was dead. Basically, I love the idea of these two cops, different modalities, different eras, coming together in the after-life and working together. My guy, he just died. He's paired up unwittingly with this gentleman, who is a lawman from the old -- a wow boy, right? We're seen by people that you have here today, I would be seen as a beautiful blonde lady, played by marissa miller. And you, ryan? My character, when other people see him in the film, I'm played by a character actor, james hong, an elderly asian man. You said. Wait a minute. How did I get stuck with this body? Bite your tongue. James hong is god's gift to sex. Please. That's a good story. Thank you, lara. And your mission is to get rid of dead people hiding in the -- souls that want to stick around that don't belong here. That's your expertise that your character can spot them, hiding in human bodies. Absolutely. I was interested to read, you talked about it in the past. Two of your brothers as are mountties. My brother is in the police department. My father is, yeah. I was going to mange make it as an actor, a cop, or a roller skater. You could be the first ever -- you know what? That's a fantastic idea. I can hear the movie trailer already. I think a writing session is in order. Wow. You're doing touring with your country music band, right? And my brother's going to be opening for me, jesse bridges. Are you serious? You do a lot of work with michael j. Fox's parkinson's foundation. Your dad suffers from the disease. Yeah. What michael has done with the foundation is incredible. It's one of the most wonderful organizations in the planet. Their mission is to cure parkinson's entirely. They've taken huge steps towards that. I'm forever grateful for what michael's done. Any family with a family member -- there's a lot of them. Mine, too. Are you up for a little game. How well do you know your co-star? Oh, ya e. Here we go. The speed round. We're going to begin with jeff. Jeff, who starred opposite ryan in "the proposal." I know this. Sandy. Sandy bullock. Yeah. Didn't go betty white on that one. She was in it, too. She was. Ryan, who was jeff's leading lady in "the mirror with two faces." Here's a hint, people who need -- barbra streisand. Jeff, who was the co-star of ryan's movie "the st. House." And co-starred with your co-star, tom goodman. Denzel? There's a couple. Denzel washington. Not denzel martinstein. Look for the roller skating mounty movie. We thank you so much, fellas, for playing the game and.

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{"id":19698302,"title":"Reynolds, Bridges on 'R.I.P.D.' and Co-Star Quiz","duration":"5:02","description":"Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges try to outdo each other on \"GMA\" Co-Star Confidential.","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-reynolds-jeff-bridges-interview-ripd-star-quiz-19698302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}