San Bernardino Shooting Witness Heard at Least 10 Gunshots

Glenn Willwerth, who works across the street from the Inland Regional Center, says he saw someone drive away from the scene in a dark SUV.
5:18 | 12/02/15

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Transcript for San Bernardino Shooting Witness Heard at Least 10 Gunshots
We have an eyewitness on the scene right now Glenn. Will worth we want to go to him. Glenn. Hello hi Glenn it's George Stephanopoulos here tell me where you were and what you saw. Yeah my businesses located right across street from them under usual senator. Has there was a guy that was camera and an over to our place looking for shelter that was Phil about the water truck and tractor. As he came hours you think people get shot. Grabbed my side my pollsters. Ran out here general area whenever there whereas water truckloads. And posted up there. The good spot right in between the regional center of my business what my employees work. What did you see but I stayed there. Heard about you know 1015 shots go off down at my. You know like there assault rifle shots. Sound. I then I can tell that there was some some movement going on through the tree roots very heavily treaty here. And I them. Here's somebody there's a lot of people around and around here trying to get away from the area. That somebody got into a black SUV that was quote straight up where the shooting woes. And then they pulled away one person slowly and calmly I could not tell the windows were blacked out and tell how many people are there. They drove right toward me and then they pared their actions and they chains or when should a parking lot. Went out the back access very slow very calm but. Very kind did you see did you see any of them or did you see the individual before. He got into the car. Now now you could just see movement because they are tailored a lot of trees in the type of trees they're very shape patriot there's a lot of lot of brash and you know bushes and stuff similar is very difficult to those going on all I know this thing on most common towards my building that was going to be a problem. Right here you had several employees in the building correct. Absolutely. Yeah twelve employees in fact were still locked down about let them leave yet. Senate and outside right now I'm directly next Villaraigosa I just talked with the the sheriff's here to it would get passage from my ways to deal to go home when the sheriff's tell you is happening right now. How do you know honestly they don't. They don't seem to know all live in fact. They just does. Told me that they're gonna get have to get some authorization and they don't know who wouldn't talk to about it some so way to find out. So right now you're you're really your employees across the street there are still in lockdown. Across the street you're looking in on the regional center. How legal it was in three buildings in the center. About three buildings. We're at the backside of that that's why were behind the police lines. You know we don't feel all I mean you might build it here alarms go. I just I walked down here debt to talk to somebody. Couple hundred yards away from. The front of regional center airs. And you know about thus far to speak put somebody. Can you see what's happening inside the regional center right now or is not an. Not saying there's nothing on I don't see anybody he's gone in or out there and it thing but again I'm up tobacco there right now. Yeah and. So there's no there is not surrounded it's not surrounded by police you don't see police moving in now the. Oh there's plenty of police presence there police all around that they're out on the water men the streets kind of blocked off both directions to and from that this is a circle here are so there's always. You know your future action in and out here and it's awful so Waterman street here. Say you haven't seen him go inside the building or try to take anything out of the. Well I I saw them go and they stormed. Cease wacko in. Here and they went in the sum up on the some clearer now. That's how long those that now. I was probably. I don't know how many around 11 o'clock I. So that was right at the beginning right out and shortly after you heard those ten to fifteen shots. Yet there is more shots back going off that while I was poster that they probably had about ten or fifteen of them go off. Just before the shooting them. Could you tell how long the shooting lasted about how many minutes. I couldn't say how long it was going on before the guy came Russian though there are places seeking shelter so all I know what happened Glen the guy came over to our place look at her. A place to hide. That was when I went out so I'm there make sure you have not been MR direction. And then after you went out that's when you heard the ten to fifteen shots and nothing after that. Yet I stayed there the whole time even after the even after all the shooting stopped. The they only thing I saw a moving vehicle was of that black SUV. And I was felt posted up by the water track and I watched that vehicle leave I did try to looking fabulous about it. In out quite 25 yards away from everything he anybody inside.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Glenn Willwerth, who works across the street from the Inland Regional Center, says he saw someone drive away from the scene in a dark SUV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35541788","title":"San Bernardino Shooting Witness Heard at Least 10 Gunshots","url":"/GMA/video/san-bernardino-shooting-witness-heard-10-gunshots-35541788"}