Sandra Boynton Releases New Version of 'Chocolate'

The cartoonist and writer has written "Chocolate: The Consuming Passion" for a new generation of chocophiles.
3:17 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for Sandra Boynton Releases New Version of 'Chocolate'
Hi, nobody knows chocolate like this lady. Sandra Boynton, since her first best seller back in 1982, she's sold more than 500 million greeting cards. She's out with a new version of "Chocolate, the consuming passion." Such a pleasure to meet you. I'm a giant fan myself. I loved Reading the books myself. I didn't know you were a chocoholic. It's a long-standing issue. What sit about the book. Beautiful articles written on you. Of late. This resurgence in your passion for chocolate. The world of chocolate has changed a lot since I first wrote this book. The opportunity to do the research again, so I got the eat enormous quantities of fab low chocolate. I took that one for the team. Just had to do it. Between chocolate and the cartoons, a wonderful life to consume, no pun sbepded. It is. Tell me about where you came up with these adorable characters. The fear of having to get a real job was very real out of college. I started to do cards to pay my way through drama school. I never finished. You were not classically trained as a cartoon snis. No, oh, no. Not at all. Which is your favorite? I love the pig. I think the pig is perhaps pi favorite. It changes. I identify with all of them. There's a sardonic tone in your book, the the chocolate book. This is not just a guide to chocolate. No, it has a lot of information. A lot of misinformation. And, a lot of illustrations. I redrew the entire book. Reresearched. And rewrote it. It's exciting to reencount ter whole world of chocolate 30 years later. Yeah, I bet. A lot of research to be done. I'm happy to help you next time. Absolutely. Absolutely. Our expenses are tax deductible then. And you defend white chocolate. Which is -- Well -- Did I misread that? It's complex. It's complex. It's complex. We can't skip the game. We'll do a fast version. The best game show every. The questions. They're going to give their guests. They could win chocolate. You let help know who is right? Chocolate is good for your complexion? Fib. It's good for your complexion. Absolutely. I said it's bad. Congratulations. Chocolate coming. Question two chocolate is an aft aphrodisi aphrodisiac. True? True. White chocolate contains cocoa. True or fib? True, true? No. All right. Giving more chocolate away. We love Sandra. Stay with us. We'll be ? ? ?

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The cartoonist and writer has written \"Chocolate: The Consuming Passion\" for a new generation of chocophiles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34571372","title":"Sandra Boynton Releases New Version of 'Chocolate'","url":"/GMA/video/sandra-boynton-releases-version-chocolate-34571372"}