Save or Splurge: Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It?

Becky Worley compares a $55 haircut with a $500 one that comes complete with full pampering. Does the pricier experience translate to a better look?
4:30 | 08/29/16

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Transcript for Save or Splurge: Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It?
Becky's hair is nearly done on a mission for spend low oriole low for those who don't know means you only live once. When you should splurge or save at the salon. We hear about celebrities dropping $500, even a thousand dollars for one haircut. Do you need to pay big to get their styles? Becky is cutting to the chase. Reporter: Two college age bffs from Los Angeles. I'm Mara. I'm Marisa. Reporter: Want Chrissy Teigen layers, gorgeous model so they're taking the same sample photo to two salons each with wildly different price points. First supercuts. Hi. Hi. $20 but we offer a la carte services. Our shampoos are $5 and our blo dry style for Marisa will be $30. Reporter: So 50, 55 bucks. Yes. Not bad. This will help give her hair more movement. Halfway to Chrissy Teigen. Yes. Just a loose, natural everyday look. And the results. I love it. Reporter: Meanwhile, Marisa heads to the Benjamin salon. We want to make sure that sort of Peters out a little more and is a little more flow. Reporter: And the cost. What does a haircut cost here. It's $500. Some people would say 500 bucks. Are you cutting each hair individually? Well, pretty much. Reporter: I have to say this was not just a haircut. The head massage, the fine China, the choreographed cutting. You're like a doctor or a dentist with your assistant right here. Even -- I'll have the grilled chicken salad. You're kidding me. You serve lunch? Of course. It just keeps getting better. All I can say is, wow. Everything about the experience is amazing. I love it. Reporter: Both look cute but is one $450 cuter? To find out we head to the grove in Los Angeles. Which is expensive and which is budget? Can I get a little closer. Come on in. I think you have the more expensive. Wrong. Really? This is the cheaper one. You are correct. $55 haircut is this one. This one. You are incorrect. 50. 50. No. Wow. I just feel like it's the one that's inexpensive. You are correct. I'm always right. Any time. Honestly they both look as good as each other. Reporter: About 60% of people in our unscientific poll correctly identified the expensive cut. And in the end, the only opinions that matter -- I love it. Yeah, I love mine. It feels so natural and just really easy. Yeah. Reporter: All right, there's Becky's big reveal. Tah-dah. I got my hair did. Thank you for loaning me Deanna, your fabulous stylist. She is incredible. We really learned a. Lot in the piece. The experience is what you pay for. It's interesting to look at the map and see what you pay in different parts of the country. In New York the average price is $73. That's on the high end. L.a. Is 69. Seattle, 50, 61 in Dallas and then $41 in Minneapolis. That's kind of the low end of average for a woman's haircut but it really is all over the map. Do you have any warning signs for people to know, hey, maybe this isn't right because the worst hinge is when you get the bad cut and you're like, I should have paid more. Yeah, there's three things that Benjamin gave me that were really great tips and thanks to both of our stylists. Such good sports. Norma from supercuts and Benjamin from the Benjamin salon. Number one, it starts before the scissors ever snip. If the stylist doesn't talk to you about the shape of your face and what's going to work for you in terms of the cut you want, red flag. Number two, if you get, you know, almost any stylist can make it look good in the salon but if two days later you can't do anything with it, red flag. And then finally, if you feel like you need a new haircut after four or five weeks, that's -- a woman with longer hair, that's kind of -- it should last a little longer. I always wonder do you give someone a second chance if you have one bad cut? Probably not. I don't know. The best thing about haircuts it's word of mouth. You can ask people when you see their haircut, where did you get it cut and try new people if you're not happy. And hair grows. That's always the do-over? Thanks so much. You look fabulous. Thank you, my dear. Outside to ginger.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Becky Worley compares a $55 haircut with a $500 one that comes complete with full pampering. Does the pricier experience translate to a better look?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41709341","title":"Save or Splurge: Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It?","url":"/GMA/video/save-splurge-expensive-haircut-worth-41709341"}