'Saving Mr. Banks': How Disney's 'Mary Poppins' Almost Wasn't

Julie Andrews, Emma Thompson meet for first time on soundstage.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Saving Mr. Banks': How Disney's 'Mary Poppins' Almost Wasn't
Mary Poppins is the most award winning Disney movie of all time. And it was shot. Fifty years ago and you believe. -- -- count -- it. Starring Julie Andrews who never acted in a movie before and fifty years Lazard he's -- Every sounds a hundred again. It turned out quite well. I'd -- -- Andrews -- bank for the premiere of saving mister banks a film about the make. -- -- -- -- -- It's really the story apparent it -- didn't. Many -- is not this bill. Emma Thompson is PL Travers who wrote to Mary Poppins Brooks and was a -- -- loath to give her treasured creation -- To celluloid. -- books simply do not lend themselves to check them prompting. Second enough it -- Tom Hanks -- Walt Disney the first time he's ever been portrayed. On film you know and at all it all started with a mouse. Disney was desperate to -- Hopkins to this green and experts -- all week's travelers. Was his nagging nemesis. Please let alone should not sit in the seat of the -- stuck -- -- does sneak. -- -- -- -- Waltz actual office was right. The white shutters saving mr. banks was shot right here on the Disney lot which is barely changed. -- -- years unknown given to sentiments -- written very. Basis. Nazi cynical old -- Even on him get a little bit way around. It's. This movie was made -- accompanied it still bears -- name and shot here under the new loses the Disney -- We larger minister -- a I can and -- -- you'll probably have to be do you if you believe that's a good sized -- how many did you can. This is a tale of a man who had everything meeting a woman to Tom Hanks describes as an old that. Honored -- Didn't -- business is business favorable. -- Q I'm happy to block. I think -- was confused by -- you know says he was confounded by. Why would anybody want to live their life the way she does this -- is what are you so upset now. Penguins. Penguins have been in talks happening -- Disney animated dancing and -- why would anybody want to do there. Their chosen life work. And in such a negative. Negative and she unpleasant option just fill films rob patient. Went to -- here's a little use in each heat he's navy hated Americans underrated America. Itself. -- -- -- -- And sweat so thankful Kremlin trucks you can't imagine how excited I -- to finally meet you. She stumbled Disney for nearly twenty years before finally coming to LA to action that -- aimed -- producer and the music man. Robert and Richardson. And and it didn't have this. Festival. Is not -- When it now. -- -- -- Richard played by Jason -- this movie. Is the only one of them still in line sprightly. And funny she -- -- -- like a whirlwind. I described it best as saying coming out of a wonderful yummy warm shower you feel very good and happy and up. And somebody comes in with a bucket of ice cold water and -- out on top -- You can -- tax side. It is wrong with his day. He got shot. -- -- All right so it inadvertently we'd set up -- kind of Hopkins love fest here and and -- never really met before and that Richard Sherman and hall -- Knowles -- extremely fond of each other Disney magic didn't happen. Seems like yesterday I just. I don't know what are you still here is very -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back to the store how could Mary Poppins this story come out of the cold heart. I mean. His inside the golden Waltz is the -- -- -- time as we see in saving mr. banks her father was an alcoholic -- mother attempted suicide Julie Andrews and Richard Sherman have -- -- and it. Her true back story. Today I do have sympathy and understanding but -- no -- but if I didn't know anything about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the -- travelers. Yes unfortunately. Did the decent and technical things into this. -- -- -- Hopeful and why is that the house on Julie Andrews -- PL -- experience took place the day after she'd given -- The phone rang and -- it's -- recruit globally and she's at an inept. This. This is PO Travis I would hope a combined. Never mention -- I think. She said well yes I -- standing -- Dooley Mary popping you're going to be Mary -- and I said well I think says -- -- talk to. NIC will begin to exhausted right now I just -- escape good -- BS today. And she said well -- -- to -- of course to news or trees picnic. Hey -- it's not a man -- -- work and Mary Poppins has become. Timeless plants justice I -- extremely -- and suspicious. Now seeking a -- if there was a distillation of perfection that came out of this nanny problems practically -- seeking infinitely. It's -- sort of sub -- candidate. Tom -- I'm -- I can't -- some atomic physics you nailed it. But -- broken down Mary Poppins to her most elemental literally AM and that's -- -- right. A lot of people who love the movie. PL -- Never did and she never warmed to wall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The rule. Rule -- moved from occurred at. Disney didn't want Travers at the premiere. But she came anyway. Yet remnants she went and it is tightening of the market that I think that's a little hard to be Donna nieces and reasons and that that ship has sailed. But ever -- and a here we are fifty years later Julie Andrews can still -- you kind of prejudice the television. An actress which establishes that -- -- -- -- Kathy Lucas yes I had arrived go to Sally -- -- tragic ending movement. We -- talking about saving mr. banks -- movie -- that Mary Poppins. And -- still singing. -- Yeah. It's. I'm nick look for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":21191141,"title":"'Saving Mr. Banks': How Disney's 'Mary Poppins' Almost Wasn't","duration":"3:00","description":"Julie Andrews, Emma Thompson meet for first time on soundstage.","url":"/GMA/video/saving-mr-banks-disneys-mary-poppins-21191141","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}