'Scandal' Cast's Reaction to Shocking Season Finale

Kerry Washington joins her castmates to discuss the big season 2 finale for the hit ABC series.
2:44 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Scandal' Cast's Reaction to Shocking Season Finale
We are so happy to have the entire cast of "scandal" with us. Abc's hit prime time political melodrama. Emphasis on drama. All about image, crisis management and a whole lot of romance set in the nation's capital. Welcome, everybody. Hey, huck, I got a seat right over here. Hey, everybody, if you do not know, this is huck, guillermo diaz plays to me the most incredible character. You have just riveted us and your character, heartbreaking. He's terrifying. What has this experience been like for you on the show? It's been the most challenged I've ever been in a job. I mean, you know, the writing is so -- we're so lucky to say these words that shonda rhimes and other other writers write. You can imagine my therapy bills. I need therapy afterwards. You, my friend, over there, no, keep him alone. I am so mad at you. I deserve it. And at home if you need an up date and if you do, shame on you, but josh malina, you must love playing this character. You were so prim and proper and you are naughty. I know. I've experienced a lot of interpermanent hate one person at a time but enjoying most of america hating me at once. I'm enjoying the group. How is the reaction of you -- have you seen a massive reaction to the new revelation about -- oh, yes. We love to hate our josh. And wisely said. We got a lot of questions on twitter, you guys. That's been the neat thing about the show. You guys are so open with your The first question. Norma wants to know how much do you guys all hang out? Do you hang out in your free time? Totally. We work 17-hour days sometimes and then we actually get together on the weekend to watch the episode. To go see things, to support each other. That's awesome. You can feel that camaraderie. Is the chemistry amongst you good? Have you ever been to an 11-year-old girl's sleepover? It is the same. I love that. All right, so stacy is asking if olivia ever married who would they choose as best man and maid of honor? That's a great question. I love it. Hey, guys, we have so much more. Don't go away, we have more answers and more scandalous juicy secrets. Stay with us on "gma."

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{"id":19175175,"title":"'Scandal' Cast's Reaction to Shocking Season Finale","duration":"2:44","description":"Kerry Washington joins her castmates to discuss the big season 2 finale for the hit ABC series.","url":"/GMA/video/scandal-season-finale-kerry-washington-cast-interview-reaction-19175175","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}