Behind the Scenes at Jessica Simpson's Wedding

The blushing bride wore a custom Carolina Herrera gown as she said "I do" to now-husband Eric Johnson.
2:37 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes at Jessica Simpson's Wedding
index," a behind-the-scenes look at Jessica Simpson's wedding. Brand-new details from "People" magazine. The superstar and her husband Eric Johnson tying the knot at a ranch in California over the weekend. She was walking down the aisle in a custom Carolina Herrera champagne-colored gown. The couple said "I do" in front of more than 200 guests. Simpson had 12 bridesmaids, two maids of honor. Her mother and her sister ash lee and one highlight, when her husband was swooping down to pick up the kids he split his pants. Oh. Some detail right there. I think the mistakes at a wedding are what makes it. Yeah, but it was beautiful and her birthday is tomorrow, 34. Never been happier. Looks that way. Also in the "Heat index" story getting a lot of buzz on our website from Google co-founder Larry page sparking a debate because he said at a panel we could work less. We just have to use technology more effectively. He says there are certain industries people work in today that aren't necessary that robots can do the job, new technology can do the job. Sounds great, right? In theory, yeah. Work less but who is going to make up that income for so many people? And also the technologies are also taking away jobs permanently, as well. And I think technology makes us work more because you're just constantly connected to work. You've got your e-mail coming in in the middle of the night. Nice to be more mobile. Sure. So at least you're out of the office doing the work and can be with your family and friends. But never really out of the office. It gets easier. You can be out of the office ignoring your family. Yeah, unfortunately. Tell us more, Larry. We want your secrets. Also in the "Heat index," retail giant J. Crew is featuring a new size, guys, it's triple zero. What? I never heard of this before. A woman with a 23-inch waist. How many women are out there? Critics say it's another example of something called vanity sizing where customers are duped into believing they're wearing smaller sizes than they are and it could make customers feel pressure to fit into a triple zero. J. Crew says they have a huge market for these sizes in Asia especially in Hong Kong where they recently opened up stores, so, you know, I mean it's small. Doesn't make any sense. No, no. I don't think my little girl could fit in that. No, and sometimes the labeling is not really very accurate. Yeah, how can you have a triple zero. It sounds like a kid's size. It really does. I guess so and well, there you go on that one.

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{"id":24482553,"title":"Behind the Scenes at Jessica Simpson's Wedding","duration":"2:37","description":"The blushing bride wore a custom Carolina Herrera gown as she said \"I do\" to now-husband Eric Johnson. ","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-jessica-simpsons-wedding-24482553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}