The Science to Creating the Perfect Workout Playlist

The music you listen to while exercising could help bring your workout to the next level.
2:38 | 01/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Science to Creating the Perfect Workout Playlist
Test Text1 plain Okay, Sara Haines back on the workout beat in the social square. A lot of tips on how to pick the perfect playlist to get you moving. Sara, I can't believe there is a science to it. There is actually. You'll love this. When it comes to working out we're looking for tips on how to make it better, easier. The secret may be in the palm of your hands. ? okay, so you may not bust a move like this guy when you're getting your workout on but it turns out there's actually a science to creating the perfect playlist. Well, at least according to our friends at buzzfeed. I stopped by equinox. When I hit the treadmill it's all about that bass. Step one, it's all about the beats ? you know I'm all about that bass about that bass no treble ? Reporter: Some studies say exercise is more efficient when you are a in sync with the music. Stairs are tough. I'm definitely going to need some inspiration. Step two, listen to songs that energize rhythm and encouraging lyrics like the black eyed peas "I got a feeling ? ? tonight's the night let's live it up ? They'll have to hurry up to get to the chorus. Reporter: Step three, structure your playlist like your wokout. Don't tart too fast. Irlike to get warmed up with a little Cher. ? If I could turn back time ? Reporter: After an exhausting workout there's one thing I do know, there's absolutely no song on my playlist for this machine. This isn't happening. So sometimes there's just not a song but I want to know right now my addiction is Taylor swift's song "Blank space." What's your song? "Eye of the tiger." ? Rising up ? They say you wear a hoodie and do the boxing. And run up the stairs. Funk you up uptown funk you up. That's nice. George. I like whatever they're playing at the gym. '80s rock basically. I knew it. I'm Kendrick Lamar hip-hop. I need to be angry when I'm in there. Ever listen to ballads? Ballads? Lifting weights? I used to lift to meat loaf like anything but that on the way to a basketball game. That pumps you up? "Paradise by the dashboard lights." Do a longer run, coldplay, you get into the words and forget how much pain you're in. Adele is a solid one. Britney spears, I put that -- Oops, you did it again, Amy. These guys will post their playlists.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"The music you listen to while exercising could help bring your workout to the next level.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28427164","title":"The Science to Creating the Perfect Workout Playlist","url":"/GMA/video/science-creating-perfect-workout-playlist-28427164"}