UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 'Profoundly Saddned' By Passing of Nelson Mandela

Ki-moon added that the former South African president was a "triumph for justice" in anti-apartheid work.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 'Profoundly Saddned' By Passing of Nelson Mandela
Condemning ladies and gentlemen thank you fall off this opportunity. As soon spokesperson said that I'm just going to the airport to -- to Paris to attend. Africa. A -- secret -- summit meeting in Paris. And I hard -- of -- sad -- -- prison. -- Dennis passing I thought that I would saying yet in person and something and -- -- -- the United Nations. I'm profiling to 87. By the passing won't listen Montana. Nelson Mandela was a triumph for justice and the -- -- fisherman inspiration. Many around the warrant won't -- she influenced. By he has -- set for this struggle and for Schuman -- eighteen -- quarantine and freedom she touched our lives in keep keep horse in the race. At the same time born did more now what time twenty Bannister values and aspirations of the -- nations. Nelson Mandela short what is possible formal warrant and begin. Each one of us if we -- a -- man woke him up for justice and human. He's more out of force wasn't decisive in dismantling the system of pop up tight. Remarkably. She marched from 27 year old and detention. Without -- crime. Determined to being done due South Africa and based on collateral and the conciliation. I was previews to meet Nelson Mandela in February 2009. Then I thank him for his tonight so -- he insisted that credit you don't to office. How -- never forget he's set to dismiss and -- sense of shared -- -- parts. -- -- -- of the United Nations. I extend my deepest condolences. -- and -- family the people of South Africa. And indeed how will grow by an enemy. Let us continue each game to be inspired by this month -- -- life wrong. To keep watching for a bit -- and -- a trust one think -- Time. -- -- -- Sixty general could you -- perhaps Yule fest and -- -- the the various income to you might have had with Nelson Mandela what was that black and on a personal level -- -- And I met him in this -- -- I wasn't deeply touched and moved and inspired by what she said. When I praise the him four -- The life wrong. Contribution stragglers to end to -- -- -- He said that though he's not -- me. There are hundreds of hundreds of moon. On -- people. For have continued to two. The ending -- -- appetite. I was -- -- Touched. It. Stop to me since -- then there was a sense of human decency. -- such issue -- she. And humble -- such a great man of the -- wasn't saying that you must not loaning him. Then the -- to own an unknown. Hundreds of hundreds of of people. -- -- -- 23 times than I don't gain. In the course of my title. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We grateful for your contribution. Flaw -- -- contribution. To make his sworn to trusts. And true end to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- snuggling me. There -- hundreds of hundreds. Unknown Norman on the own cheaper for who -- dissent from and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Inspiration for me this is I'm Steve she can. And I've been speaking to me although colleagues who know this is what. Such of great men and sent. This is soon million citizens of for a human decency and humanity team. And I and keep the and grateful for what she has since left. During his lifetime. And to make -- -- trust them fail. And corner for inviting. And can. One of those person could use the micro from -- Thanks for Secretary General on behalf of the UN correspondents association we appreciate you taking the time to come speak to us is there any. -- single message that. Nelson Mandela has made throughout the years that. -- particularly true with you and that you think applies. Two days and in Africa and throughout the rest of the world because one of the things that he often said was that. The whole cause of freedom would still -- work in progress. Africa had many countries in the awards -- -- a century and many Harrison just before. I have so far from his set -- Indian -- him. And abuse and five additional which human rights and human -- team. Or did you -- -- to a search of great men like kin this month not. It's possible death. Particularly keep putting in the Africa and -- -- came with -- enjoying freedom and human dignity. But I -- still eleven then -- -- humble -- if we. Think it covers state so called -- Warren William astute many people and particularly. Waterloo cruel people who beaming and -- owners particularly in conflict him yes. Who say human rights. Twenty. Abuse and by only two. We have to none. The wisdom. And determinations. And commitment to from all four of prison -- -- To make -- sworn that -- 24. Guess that is what I really wanted to. -- express my deepest Andrew -- and respect them. Two imprisonment and up and she -- from South Africa and all of -- profile Africa and think -- Think.

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{"id":21116380,"title":"UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 'Profoundly Saddned' By Passing of Nelson Mandela","duration":"3:00","description":"Ki-moon added that the former South African president was a \"triumph for justice\" in anti-apartheid work.","url":"/GMA/video/secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-profoundly-saddned-passing-21116380","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}