Secrets to Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Learn how to make the healthier choice when going out to eat.
3:24 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Secrets to Eating Healthy at Restaurants
Let's get outside. Amy and sam. That's right. Time for our series "eat it to beat it," where we tell you about the healthy alternatives when you eat out at restaurants. And our abc nutrition and wellness editor, dave zinczenko is here with the healthy choices. And first on the menu, ihop. Those are the red velvet pankap panca pancakes. It's blurring the lines between dessert and breakfast. Your best breakfast is going to be protein, fresh fruit. The sugar equivalent -- of 2.3 pixie stix. That's 61 grams of sugar. That's over 15 teaspoons that sam poured out there. Really well done. What should we get? Just a belgian waffle. You get a side of bacon. YOU ARE SAVING AN egg McMuffin worth of calories. Can I put this on, though? It's hard. Now -- what are the calories savings? You save 50 grams of sugar. You keep eating your big mac. And the crispy green bean fries from tgi fridays. 900 calories. It's deep-fried. It's 65 grams of fat right there. 900 calories. This is an equivalent of -- do not eat these, dave. No. I wouldn't do that. 4 1/2 big macs. That's the fat equivalent of eating fried vegetables. I know. You recommend? When you're there, what you want to do, is get the tgi friday's get the spinach florentine. It's like opposite day at tgi friday's. Don't eat the vegetables, eat the pizza. You're going to save 43 grams of fat. This is denny's. And the name of this, the macho nacho burger. It sounds like this is going to attac your waistline. You can't see the patty because there's nachos over it. This is the calorie equivalent of eight bowls of cocoa puffs. Eight bowls. Don't do that. What you want to do instead, is you want to have the chicken avocado sandwich, which is only 490 calories. And it's delicious. When you're there. And at denny's and you're going to save 370 calories. We want to mention that we reached out to all of the restaurants. And they said they offered healthy dishes to their customers as an alternative to the not-so healthy dishes. He'll point them out. You'll know the right ones. The right choices when you're out to eat. Really great. Dave zinczenko.

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{"id":20394811,"title":"Secrets to Eating Healthy at Restaurants","duration":"3:24","description":"Learn how to make the healthier choice when going out to eat.","url":"/GMA/video/secrets-eating-healthy-restaurants-20394811","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}