Sex, Jobs and $64K: the Impact of a Pack of Cigarettes

What if everyone quit smoking in the United States?
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Sex, Jobs and $64K: the Impact of a Pack of Cigarettes
Here every day 43 million Americans -- -- And -- 7% say they want to quit so we wondered if everyone. -- quit smoking. You have where sex is definitely a lot less maintenance when you selling your home real money. The game changer -- Smokers could have control of your wallet and happening in your bedroom. -- first about 13% of the US population smoking ads like putting a cigarette in the hand of every Canadian and new Yorker and Chicago and the big smoke. And 100 billion dollars in tobacco industry revenues would banish their big business. For smaller than Wal-Mart but there but -- bigger than General Electric for example that if every day. And thanks to excise taxes on cigarettes. On average state needs about 2% of their annual revenue if no one bought tobacco and states are already suffering economically it would have to raise their income tax -- to -- these states Virginia Kentucky and South Carolina. Pulling the plug on manufacturing. One and 2% of their gross domestic product. Virginia alone would lose more than four and a half billion dollars every year. Consider the 4500 people that manufacture tobacco products in the US. Only about 30%. Would be at risk losing their jobs if everyone quit smoking. Smoking companies -- multi national. She percentage and a growing percentage of their revenues and sales come from overseas. And US advertisers would be Jones for the billions lost in ad sales. They put all of that genius. -- that market continues -- eight billion dollars a year they spent in marketing. To something else itself. And a smoke free America means big tobacco has nothing to fight for in Washington. So 162. Lobbyists would wander the streets of DC. Looking for work. And they may have a tough time finding that job because the labor market will be a little more crowded. People will live longer and -- airport stay in the workforce a little longer. No smoking. No smoking related deaths. Every year 400. 3000. People die from smoking related causes filled -- -- for. Little cultural escape but undoubtedly there would be more senior citizens to care for and that's. Would mean -- two point 7% increase in Social Security spending doesn't take account. And -- grandchild. To move communities. Persons living a happy family moments spent inside -- family homes. That now have happy market value if you. A smoker you're -- -- selling your home. Average homeowner in the United States is good news about 64000. Dollars. All the -- -- still will live longer pay more for it but get more value on our investment. But what about that sex and. Smoke it gives you wrinkles. -- yeah. If we didn't do any -- that look better you don't like days. -- did -- smoke free equals. Bush said we'll have fun having.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"What if everyone quit smoking in the United States?","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21657064","title":"Sex, Jobs and $64K: the Impact of a Pack of Cigarettes","url":"/GMA/video/sex-jobs-64k-impact-pack-cigarettes-21657064"}