Why Sharon Stone brought her son to the Golden Globes

The "Mosaic" actress opens up about working with Steven Soderbergh and bringing her son Roan, 17, as her awards show date.
6:56 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Why Sharon Stone brought her son to the Golden Globes
We have a great guest for you guys. She has been in films from "Basic instinct" to "Casino" and "Total recall" and has a brand-new show called "Mosaic" that might change the way you watch TV. Everybody, please welcome Sharon stone. You look awesome. Great to see you. Thanks, Lara. How are you? Robin. Hi, sweetheart, how are you? Hello. So, can we just have a movement like you we want to dress for work. So fantastic. And the walk in, just so effortless. Yes. Look at me. I can walk. Hey, guys -- And you can act because this show -- This show -- it's on the verge of revolutionizing how we watch TV because the murder mystery that you can watch on your phone first. Right. So tell us how that works. Isn't that great? I mean I think Steven soderbergh is such a genius and always so ahead of everything. And when I went to work because we got the script only a week before so we were kind of not really knowing what was going to happen. We knew it was something interesting, this branching narrative you can get on your phone, an app, "Mosaic" and when you get it, you first watch what essentially would be the pilot and then the next thing comes down and there's two and then you can choose like a family tree and you pick which branch you want to go to and keeps branching out. The story line changes depending which branch you take. Because it's a murder mystery, the audience becomes the detective and you kind of help solve the crime. Genius. And so as you watch it -- it's so cool. Did it change the work you had to do or was your work the same. No, it did. The script ended up being 500 pages. Oh, my goodness. So we had a lot more work to do because each thing, there's a little bit different nuance in our reactions compared to whose perspective. How they remember it. Right. Awesome. But you knew you were in great hands with Steven. My god from "Sex, lies and videotape" to all the "Oceans" movies, he's so amazing. Let's see some. Thank you. I'm sorry. I know you probably get this a lot. I know. I'm a children's author. You might be the reason I became an artist. Just asking Sharon, that's Garrett Hedlund. Pretty easy on the eyes. Yes, right back at you. Your character is a little bit afraid of aging and that is in stark contrast to you as a woman. Well, I'm pretty grateful to be aging. Beats the alternative. Right, right. So I just -- You've gone through a lot. I have and I feel like it's really great. I'm happy for every day. Yeah. We are happy to have your son there on the red carpet with you at the golden globes. It was a beautiful experience. How was it for him? I know. Look. He is doing so well in school and he got 100% in physics this semester. Wow. Can he come tutor my daughter? Well, so I'm so proud of him. He's really been doing great this year and so I thought, you know -- Treat him. He's very dapper by the way. That overcoat was crushing the game. Isn't that great? Isn't that great? Also picked quite a golden globes to bring him too. It was a lot more than pretty faces and pretty dress. There was that and I felt like that was a great time for a 17-year-old boy to experience something. I think that this whole movement this me too move many was something that was educational for him and he was proud to be there. You know, you've been powerful player in Hollywood for over 40 years. How do you think this movement will change Hollywood now? Well, you know, I feel that it's not just a Hollywood thing. I mean, movies represent humanity and the human condition, so I think that we're just trying to mirror what's happening on a global level and be respectful of it so we're hoping that more and more we're representing the fine example that is being set globally of people standing up for themselves and saying what needs to be done and this great thing that Reese and ava have done allows a legal fund to be built for people who need legal representation and I think we know that that needs to happen. So many rape kits have been left unprocessed around the world and I feel that anything we can do to provide legal representation that needs to be done is really great. Yeah. So what other projects are you working on? Well now I'm going in March to do a film that will be directed by a woman from scandinavia named Eva sorehong and I'm going to play a heroin dealer, kind of a drug dealer. Okay. I wasn't expecting that. But she's got a warm heart. I know. She does not. She's a very tough woman who came up through the drug business and I feel with the opioid situation as it is, it's a good time to take a good, hard look at what that is really like from the brutal look at it, and so that's what I'm doing next. Wow, great. We can't wait to see that. Yep. And "Mosaic." "Mosaic." Right. Wow. Clayton Mortensen. So, Garrett will come back, you'll come back with one of your co-stars. You heard the reaction from the audience. It's wonderful. We tell our audience to put their phones away but when you said that they were picking them up trying to get "Mosaic" on their foaps. Go for it. "Mosaic" premieres January 22nd on HBO.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"The \"Mosaic\" actress opens up about working with Steven Soderbergh and bringing her son Roan, 17, as her awards show date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52424864","title":"Why Sharon Stone brought her son to the Golden Globes ","url":"/GMA/video/sharon-stone-brought-son-golden-globes-52424864"}