How to Shoot Like Chris Bosh: The Miami Heat Star on Obama's Basketball Skills

The basketball All-Star discusses hanging out with Obama, the Game 6 miracle, and life after basketball.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Shoot Like Chris Bosh: The Miami Heat Star on Obama's Basketball Skills
Hello welcome to politics confidential I'm Jonathan Karl here in the China room of the White House joined by Chris Bosh of the world champion Miami Heat. Thank you for joining us there. Now you're talking here you. About with the president of the United States we have never had a president that is sold in the basketball. Where this would. He is this is really cool. The fact that he knows who you are and you know he -- basketball and and he probably watched all the games is pretty substantive. He was out for for the Easter egg roll. The president went two for twenty. SOS wondered if if you can take a quick look if you shot say do you have any advice for the president out intruders killed. It's. Okay. Collecting I didn't see the others -- inform him for the president. Looks like he's his message that. Yeah. I know among lefties insular as -- -- eleven again as -- pretty good work. You know sometimes is going -- Bloomington. -- Chris -- very often. And that burial. But you gotta bring you back to ITT that incredible game 61 of the most incredible games and ideas. You. Get that rebound leading is that -- the greatest rebounds and -- what -- what's going through. You know nothing's going through my mind at that point are are just remember that we were in trouble I remember Gerard -- drawn up a play before that. We ran in a million times in practice and that's all I was focused on was not messing -- up. There's a lesson and that the president's products -- -- -- this every ropes are set up for the for the you know the victory celebration. -- -- telling you guys are don't fans are leaving the game's over. Yet it was a little. There was -- wasn't. And -- that was kind of just as you tests were for all of us because. You know we've been in this situation a million times. When fans are leaving and slept well all right -- They brought the yellow rope I was kind of traumatized and a little bit for us because we had been on the opposite and that before it was like man not this again and you know we -- that that he plan. And then over time -- the block shots went. -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't fun at the I was just so stressed out analysis done. I was so glad that I was able to make -- play in the because dozens I didn't want to do it anyways when they go home address you here here for the second time. The big question is will be read see -- back. That's the plan. That we -- definitely wanna be back. It's it's just so much hard work and after going in toys and seeing how close you can come to either winning or losing we just -- to have a chance that you're part of this incredible triumph. -- -- -- -- -- -- How he -- bunea. -- -- It's a man who -- mortality right. Yeah I mean absolutely the best team other than we have so much fun. Being professional plan on the court and you know having memories on the bus rides on the plane. In practice in the locker room I've never seen such a tight -- group like like this woman I think you really -- us on the court. Free agency -- this team possible some people think created his time. Change in the face and one is more important teams and teams don't stay together. People have to remember is a business. As much as well it is a team sport it is a business we -- have family to take care then. You really have to prioritize you know. You have -- that needs to be fit. You know for the senators over us when asked pointed questions and -- Home. You. What do you do after basketball and your guy you were natural honors society your computer -- here. What you -- this is -- that's a very good question I think. In them the more I think about it the less I know. My concentrate is my second on basketball maximize and you don't just try to get into the open doors that I can to see what else -- life and hopefully. I can narrow it down by the time on them plan -- never run for office what -- I don't think so. So around here we -- that -- -- didn't rule it out so -- Verizon for the White House Chris Bosh and real honor talking actors and much thank you and that's -- for politics confidential -- ABC using Yahoo! News armed Jonathan Karl you can follow me all week long on Twitter. -- Jon Karl or on FaceBook.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The basketball All-Star discusses hanging out with Obama, the Game 6 miracle, and life after basketball.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21550297","title":"How to Shoot Like Chris Bosh: The Miami Heat Star on Obama's Basketball Skills ","url":"/GMA/video/shoot-chris-bosh-miami-heat-star-obamas-basketball-21550297"}