Showbiz Star Elaine Stritch Dies at 89

A look back at the 60-year career of a stage and TV legend.
3:00 | 07/18/14

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Transcript for Showbiz Star Elaine Stritch Dies at 89
Windsor and I'm here ? I mean, you just -- you have to smile when you look at her, the great Elaine stretch with her signature song "I'm still here" and we are celebrating the life of that showbiz legend this morning. For decades she was a one-of-a-kind force on Broadway and tonight here in New York marquee lights at all the theaters will be dimmed in her honor. ABC's Chris Connelly has a look at the life of this spectacular and sassy star. ? Jackie. Reporter: TV viewers may have known Elaine stretch for her spectacular turns on "30 rock" playing Alec Baldwin's indomitable mother. I remember this one time he cried and cried. It was more like wailing. It was awful. She's referring to my birth. Reporter: The incomparable stretch spent over 60 years of her life on screen in such films as "September" and especially on the Broadway stage dripping with delicious cynicism. ? Here's to the girls who stay smart ? Reporter: Her performance of "The ladies who lunch" from Stephen sondheim's company became a theatrical landmark. ? Let's hear it for the ladies that lunch ? ? everybody rise ? Reporter: In the '80s turned occupy on "The Cosby show" as a no-nonsense teacher. Did you talk to Mr. Huxtable before you gave Rudy all this splendid advice? No. She's out of town, isn't she? Reporter: Elaine stretch died Thursday at the age of 89. So many paying their respects on Twitter. And as Alec Baldwin put it, "I'm sure that even god is a bit nervous right now." For "Good morning America," Chris Connelly, ABC news, los Angeles. And some more great tweets. Here's Lena Dunham. She tweeted "Here's to the lady who lunched. Elaine stretch, we love you. May your heaven be a booze-soaked, no-pants solo show at the car karlyle. Thank you. Liza minnelli said "Elaine was a magnificent woman in every sense of the word." We'll save you money on your

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{"id":24615944,"title":"Showbiz Star Elaine Stritch Dies at 89","duration":"3:00","description":"A look back at the 60-year career of a stage and TV legend.","url":"/GMA/video/showbiz-star-elaine-stritch-dies-89-24615944","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}