'Shred' Weight-Loss Program to Jump-Start Your Resolution

Dr. Ian Smith's book "Super Shred: The Big Results Diet" claims you can lose up to 20 pounds in four weeks.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for 'Shred' Weight-Loss Program to Jump-Start Your Resolution
We have some help bring you this morning the best selling author of which read it is back with a quick acting weight loss program to help jumpstart your resolution to get in -- Dr. Dean Smith. Is that with the new book called super threat the big result diet he is here to show us. How it works and you say you can lose forty pounds in just four weeks with this program. In just four weeks you know this is the program for the wanna do it fast if you're going to a wedding on vacation before you start in years off he -- -- Kinda get that -- super shred the other -- -- also people had a flat children away lost. We have found that people who had a plateau one on super shred the weight loss started occurring again. And you've got to -- under the 2000 calories -- -- the people typically eat sometimes do depends on much weight you wanna lose if you don't have played council lose you're not gonna lose twenty pounds but if you have more than twenty you'll lose twenty pounds. -- -- a big group over the summer the average weight loss is -- -- some loss in more than that per week of August the fourth let's start this week one because this is a sample of a day. In your first week in this looks like a lot could put there's a lot of food is it's a four week program this is just a sample of day -- -- you have four meals. And you have to snacks as you can see here and people complaining they say how the YE all the -- one day you can do it. The key -- super -- is timing you're gonna be eating every two to three hours beat her metabolism -- and don't skip meals and do not skip meals because then you end up -- and building at the next meal. And these are all your beverage options that people say to -- you can have diet soda on a diet yes it's only one -- -- diet -- shred says to you you don't have to -- perfectly just eat better OK so then we tune you go down to three -- right -- cut our meals down and we don't have our snacks here but they're now for snacks OK and the key here is that when we too. People are now -- called accelerated. You're now drop if I was a little bit but you're novice -- that weight loss really increase how many calories you dropping with -- camp about twelve a about public house over the weeks -- had not predate but here's -- that you could have actually you know pancakes and bacon. A nice Turkey sandwich and stir fry and people say. Pancakes and bacon on a diet yes because you have to be realistic about what -- -- optimistic we -- likely you're eating that's right portion control that this is going to be to top weekly treasury will only have to mail it's meant to be tough because most it will stop losing weight or slow the weight loss and third week. This is how we pushed to the good number trying to get 20004 weeks so we cut down our meals to two meals but you don't see them here we have for snacks. A 150 -- -- less that we'll help you make it between the meals. People actually end up liking with three because they see big results OK and then you know you've got -- -- to come to you little bit more sustenance -- for is called tenacious OK so long backed are beginning we still have four meals never -- this is the blueberries was one of my favorites in the book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But veggie burger and yes you can have pizza my favorite food on the planet until but the key here is -- -- control -- the book to you portion control and the beginning of each chapter there's a grocery list. Because this book is all about being simple you want to lose weight. Lose it fast but simple and not expensive all these foods that you can see your regular foods. You don't spend a lot of money and then after the performance -- go back onto the regular -- diet and you keep losing the way this is only a booster program that fast when laws of any go to the regular -- program for the long term weight loss. And people love to mix it up because -- -- to -- -- diversity. An exodus of us read to read an excerpt from super -- that includes those meal -- -- were just talking about for one week a grocery shopping list. And two recipes you can go to our web -- Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! doctor Ian Smith thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Ian Smith's book \"Super Shred: The Big Results Diet\" claims you can lose up to 20 pounds in four weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21409827","title":"'Shred' Weight-Loss Program to Jump-Start Your Resolution","url":"/GMA/video/shred-weight-loss-program-jump-start-resolution-21409827"}