3 simple hacks for common summer problems

Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto appears live on "GMA" to show three fixes for cleaning sand out of your car, keeping linens wrinkle free, and preventing hair from turning green by chlorine.
3:52 | 06/30/17

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Transcript for 3 simple hacks for common summer problems
We'll move on to "Gma" summer solutions just in time for the fourth of July. Now we have "Good housekeeping" style director Lori bergamotto with us. Yes. We love you, lor. I love we're tackling problems that many of us face as we celebrate the holidays. These are not serious problems, but they're bothersome. Exactly. So the first one is about getting sand and water in your car after a wonderful day at the beach. It's so annoying. So we'll talk about getting sand off your person. We have our very lovely model here. What you want to do is take some baby powder and if you'll demo this us. You have the sand on legs. When you use the baby powder it absorbs the moisture from the wet sand and makes it easy to brush it off. Easy, quick, inexpensive way to get it off your person. I never knew that. Yes. So this is the water now. So you got to swim. You got to run. You go to your car. Exactly. And these also I want to mention are sandproof. They have a nylon backing so now -- sand off your purse and towel. Water. When you get out of the pool and wrap yourself you get that mill dewy unpleasant -- if you'll take that bottle of water right there and pour it on your regular towel. I am going to pour it on this sanddusa Toole towel. Yours is seeping through. Mine is not. It has waterproof inner layers and wrap yourself here and then sit in the car and it's completely dry or if you don't want to do that, wrap your wet bathing suit and all your gear in that. Because of the nylon backing. This is sandusa towel. Thank you, Lori. I have to get talcum powder. Linen popular in the summer but the wrinkles not so pretty. We all loflinen. It screams summer. Doesn't it? But those charming little creases can turn like dishevelled and sloppy. What do you do? Chico's make a no iron wrinkle shirt so this we just pulled out like this and you can see it doesn't have any wrinkles. Looks fantastic. If you have linen that you already own and want to get the wrinkles out a few hacks. This is what most of us look like in linen, right. So, Lara, you can take some ice cube, throw them in the dryer for ten minutes and it works much like -- Doesn't it just turn to water. Works like an iron does to release those deep creases and so ten minutes and you're done. If you don't have access to a dryer, Emma, if you will model it for us. If you take a little water and just smooth it out. If you're in a real pinch. This is a last resort. Use your hands. Darker linen conceals wrinkles. At least choose darker colors. Thank you. Then finally this is a problem that I experienced and now my daughter does. Love swimming, love being in that pool but your hair turns green if burden of being a natural blond, right. So there are chemicals in the water that can turn your hair like that so you have two best defenses, the first one is we'll take some conditioner and you'll put it on your hair before you go in the water. So it's conditioner and then bathing cap. Acts like a protect Tant? If you don't want to swim in a bathing cap which is not easy to get a child to do and their hair turns green there is a solution. It's not pretty but effective. Cue the horns. Ketchup. Co-ketchup has tomato paste and vinegar low ph and works to neutralize those copper chemicals so it's a little gross, you'll put ketchup all over your hair, put knit a shower cap for 10 to 30 minutes but really does work. And wash thoroughly. The shower will be interesting but it really does work and get back to that beauty of a blond. Thank you very much. Great summer hack, summer tips.

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{"id":48364399,"title":"3 simple hacks for common summer problems ","duration":"3:52","description":"Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto appears live on \"GMA\" to show three fixes for cleaning sand out of your car, keeping linens wrinkle free, and preventing hair from turning green by chlorine. ","url":"/GMA/video/simple-hacks-common-summer-problems-48364399","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}