Two Sisters, Two Body Images and the Journey to Self-Acceptance

ABC News Mara Schiavocampo and her sister Pia, a body image expert, are live in Times Square to explain their distinctive approaches to living their best lives.
4:21 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for Two Sisters, Two Body Images and the Journey to Self-Acceptance
Year back now with two sisters learning to love themselves and their bodies in two very different ways. ABC's Mara schiavocampo and her sister pia might have different fitness goes but they share the same mental goal and that is finding happiness. On the surface sisters Mara and pia schiavocampo seem like complete opposites. Mara is a health and fitness enthusiast who wrote the book "Thinspired." Pia is a body acceptance activist. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Reporter: Who runs mixed fat chick. Even in the kitchen, their approach to cooking is different. I'm doing mine with bacon, hello, can you say bacon? She's doing hers with spaghetti squash. Reporter: But the pair say underneath it all their goes are the same. What we're seeking is freedom. Peace of mind, acceptance, confidence, self-love. You just sort of get to a place where you're like, you know what, I'm enough. It's okay to be in this body and it's okay to love myself. This is me. You got to love it or leave it. Love me or leave me alone. Or leave me alone. I love it. I love it too. I love it. Reporter: Joining us now are Mara and pia and six other women who have all taken similar journeys. Thank you for being with us. I want to ask, you all have different stories but what do you think about each other's messages? You know, it's interesting, the day I realized we really did have quite a big difference was the day my diet book came out she wrote a blog about how much she hates diet books so I thought, okay, we have this difference but what I've come 20 realize we really are much more similar. I have seen so much of her journey up close and personal and vice versa and so happy to see her in a good place and inspired. Pia, you love Mara's diet book, don't you. This is the thing, her book was so open and honest about where she came from and that was what was really important. It wasn't this like, oh, I'm a thin happy person, I have struggles and I think the end game is all about being healthy and healthy. That's how she got to her place so that's fantastic. I can see how you two are related. All right. Teresa, I want to bring you into the conversation because you got fans out here. You've been struggling with weight your whole life and you relate to more -- sorry, Essie, your experience is more like pia's, correct. Correct. Definitely through social media, so popular now, I felt the pressure to be a little smaller. A little thinner but with the power of social media and the body positive community I celebrate my size with confidence. Definitely made me feel better about myself so I know you've definitely dealt with social media. How do you feel about the pressure? Social media has been the thing that has made me kind of come to this happy place. Because I surround myself and my feed is filled with women who look like you and Elise and that makes me feel good about myself. My favorite #iamenough. No matter what size or color or 5b89, you are enough as you are. That's important to me. I know you've been strugglingug as well. Tell me about your experience. Yes, I struggled with my weight my entire life. I know I'll never be a size 2 or a 4 but I'm on my way to self-acceptance. When did that come to you. I found that I didn't start accepting and loving myself more when I started losing weight, I started losing weight when I started loving and accepting myself more. Because when I took the food out, I had to replace it with something and what I replaced it with that was effective was self-care. Resting when you're tired. Drinking when you're thirsty, giving yourself nourishing food and really loving yourself. That for me was the key. We're walking over to the yoga mats. But, Brittany, you're struggling with your weight but worried about your healthy food choices. Being a thin woman is a misconception that we don't have to eat healthy or exercise and it's a health concern so I just -- Mara, how do you feel about eating right. For me I've always said I don't think exercise is that important for weight loss. You can lose weight without exercise. For me it's all about what's up here and what's in here. Exercise is about mind/body. Mind/body. Leave it all on the math. My favorite pose, I like balance poses so I love tree and probably will fall over on national TV but I hike to feel balanced and centered and that to me helps mind/body and gets me through the day. I love it. I would do it if I could but I'm not in the right wardrobe.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"ABC News Mara Schiavocampo and her sister Pia, a body image expert, are live in Times Square to explain their distinctive approaches to living their best lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40874153","title":"Two Sisters, Two Body Images and the Journey to Self-Acceptance ","url":"/GMA/video/sisters-body-images-journey-acceptance-40874153"}