Dog Skateboards Down NYC Sidewalks

Cartman the Dog and his owner Johnny Nguyen visit "GMA" to show off his skills.
1:27 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Dog Skateboards Down NYC Sidewalks
Notable events -- we met him at the top did o'clock hour Cox hadn't. Our two year old English -- -- get a lets out and raping countless hands. -- -- -- -- The continent -- -- isn't commenting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's like I'm not leaving the hey Johnny -- Johnny red cardinal's -- -- -- tell us we saw him actually would be -- The top of the o'clock hour dinner and he is singularly obsessed please -- -- and we can't go out -- not without skateboard. -- that look got a currency has. Makes it then then -- go out bells and now we always hear -- the big dogs love it the dogs love it don't doesn't he loves it. -- ideas need be he's crazy. Since there's there's a different group -- bulldogs who do things like this who. We don't serve food they don't want to skim board. Why why the -- is something. Gravity they like the adrenaline rush they just like that excitement. -- yes he loves it he loved him like always like this.

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{"id":19200949,"title":"Dog Skateboards Down NYC Sidewalks","duration":"1:27","description":"Cartman the Dog and his owner Johnny Nguyen visit \"GMA\" to show off his skills.","url":"/GMA/video/skateboarding-dog-cartman-dog-skateboards-nyc-sidewalks-19200949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}