Slain Reporter's Boyfriend Says Scrapbook Brings 'Innumerable comfort'

Alison Parker's boyfriend and colleague talks to "GMA" with WDBJ-TV General Manager Chris Hurst.
5:07 | 08/27/15

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Transcript for Slain Reporter's Boyfriend Says Scrapbook Brings 'Innumerable comfort'
Joining us now are Jeffrey marks, the general manager of deflategate and Chris Hurst, Alison parker's boyfriend and an anchor there at the station. To both of you, I hope you feel the love and support from everyone all around the country and our hearts go out to you and our sincerest condolences. I know, Jeffrey, that the morning show team is already back on the air there, Alison and Adam were so much a part of that team. How are they doing this morning, Jeffrey? They're doing as well as can be expected. They're choking back tears and their emotions show but they're covering the news and assisted by some folks from our sister stations in the midwest, as well, who flew in to help us. We're very gratified by that and all the support from the people who have been here all night camped out and have brought flowers and placards and just want to say something to us, we are gratified by that. And, Chris, for you, I know I can see you still holding on, holding on to those pictures, holding on to the book that have all those pictures of Alison. I know you have referred to her as the love of your life. What more do you want us to know about Alison. I think that I want everyone to know that she was not only a fantastic journalist and was well on her way to a remarkable career, but she was good at everything she attempted. I know she was a happy person at heart. She -- colleagues said she brought out the lighter side of you even Chris. She did. This is something that was for us, we only had nine months together but she gave this to me for our six-month anniversary. We celebrated month-aversaries. So exceptional. I hope that book brings you some source of comfort right now. Jeffrey, Adam -- It does. It brings me innumerable comfort. Jeffrey, Adam was engaged to the morning show producer who was there at work yesterday. Let us know about Adam and also his professional relationship with Alison. They were considered the "A" team. Nobody could beat them. Anything that was asked of them and more, and Adam made sure we were laughing whether it was on the softball field or I'm told in Latin class, I can't imagine Adam in Latin class at the university, he just came in and made us laugh and that's what we're trying to remember this morning is our crew goes through the motions of doing the regular newscast and I want to say one thing about Alison if you'll let me. I don't care what social media says, I don't care what that alleged manifesto says, there was not a hateful bone in Alison's body and she would have never made a racially insensitive remark which is one of the things that the shooter accused our team of. We don't have that kind of operation here. It's a diverse workplace full of respect and Alison just couldn't have happened. You bring up the note that he sent us to ABC which we immediately turned over to authorities and all that he claimed. Jeffrey, were you or anyone at any of the executives aware of his prior behavior? No, he -- not until after he was employed. He used one name in his previous career and used another name when he came to us and we were not aware at all that he had had problems and had legal issues with other stations. Both of you know as journalists that when something like this happens, that the conversation turns to gun control and Alison's father has already been very outspoken, and, Chris, you were standing next to him when he said he'll make it his life's mission. Have you had a chance to give any thought if you're going to join Alison's father in his efforts? As a journalist, my issue that I have looked at extensively has been mental health. There are mental illnesses in my family that have affected me personally and it's been something that I've been reporting on. I don't have any comments on what her father would like to do other than I into -- I support him and I support their family immensely. I told them yesterday for the first time because who would say it to parents of a girlfriend after nine months that I loved them and they told me that they loved me back and that I was a part of their family forever and that they were a part of my family forever. Jeffrey and Chris, you're part of a remarkable community there and team and family. Thank you very much and we're also thinking of Vicki Gardner, hoping she makes a full recovery from her injuries. Yes. But, again, I hope that you feel the immense love and support. Please be well. We do and thank you. Thank you. All right. And there's just so many

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Alison Parker's boyfriend and colleague talks to \"GMA\" with WDBJ-TV General Manager Chris Hurst.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33352336","title":"Slain Reporter's Boyfriend Says Scrapbook Brings 'Innumerable comfort'","url":"/GMA/video/slain-reporters-boyfriend-scrapbook-brings-innumerable-comfort-33352336"}