Sledding Accident Rescue Caught on Tape

Ron Claiborne has the latest on those saved after ice breaks on pond.
2:17 | 12/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sledding Accident Rescue Caught on Tape
We're going to get to the ice rescue caught on tape. And ron is here with that. This happened in the mountains of southern california. It started looking like an innocent sledding outing for a while. Then, suddenly, everything changed and went awry. The screams say it all. You're watching new video of a sledding excursion gone horribly wrong. The whole thing starts with a man falls into a freezing cold lake. And then, a chain reaction of sorts. One person after another, trying desperately to save him. And one person after another, getting sucked into the frigid water, like a black hole. Throw the rope out. Lasso. Reporter: As the clock ticks, more men, women and children try to come to the rescue, only to slip into the ice themselves. A crowd gathered on the shore, as well, frantically screaming for help. Call 911. Right now. Reporter: After five minutes, nearly a dozen people are in the water. While others throw ropes and inner tubes to no avail. Give me the rope from under the seat. Now. Reporter: Mickey herman pulled double duty. You can hear him calling for the rope, all the while capturing the ordeal on camera. When the people started going through the ice, it was just total panic. You saw people taking their belts off. It was total chaos and out of control. We thought that poor guy, the first one to go in, it was obvious, he didn't know how to swim. Thought that might be it. We wouldn't see him again. Fortunately, he came back up. Reporter: A harrowing nine minutes later, the man who first fell in, along with all of his would-be rescuers, managed to make it out of the water. Amazingly, all of them are doing just fine. And, dan, and, bianna, the thing they did wrong here, was to go on the ice to try to get someone out. People there had rope. They should have gotten the rope. Easy for me to say now. But the -- going out on the ice, you saw one person go in. If you have rope, go for that immediately. That's the lesson. Thank goodness they're all alive. Good news that everyone's safe. A lot of news this morning. You have the headlines, too?

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{"id":18089483,"title":"Sledding Accident Rescue Caught on Tape","duration":"2:17","description":"Ron Claiborne has the latest on those saved after ice breaks on pond.","url":"/GMA/video/sledding-accident-rescue-caught-tape-18089483","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}