Sleep-Drug Dose Lowered in Effort to Curb Drowsiness Dangers

FDA lowers the recommended dose of sleep-drug Ambein and its generic equivalent.
1:57 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Sleep-Drug Dose Lowered in Effort to Curb Drowsiness Dangers
We have a medical alert about america's most popular sleeping pill. And this one is especially for women. The fda says the recommended dose of ambien and its generic twin is too high. And they want to cut it in half. Lisa stark has the story. Reporter: There's been case after case of sleep driving on ambien and its generic. It happened with this new jersey woman. And recently, to kerry kennedy, the daughter of robert kennedy. I remember getting on the highway. And then, I have no memory. Reporter: There are reports of sleep eating. Even sleep sex. I found out what can happen when you take the medication and get behind the wheel. Testing my reaction in a simulator, after 30 minutes. Am I on the wrong side of the road? 90 minutes. Like I totally fell asleep. And four hours after taking ambien. It wasn't pretty. I almost hit that car. The label is clear. Make sure you get a good seven or eight hours sleep after taking this drug. But now, studies show, for some people, even after eight hours, enough of the drug is still in their system to leave them impaired, increasing the risk of a car accident. So, the fda wants the recommended dose for women cut in half, to 5 milligrams for the regular version, 6.25 milligrams for the extended release. Reducing the amount of the drug will make it less likely you will sleep drive. And more likely you'll be fully awake in the morning. One woman's health expert says this change is long overdue. But the drug company that develops ambien says it stands by its safety. As for men, the fda says they ought to think about cutting their dosage, as well. We're just talking about it. Everybody's had this reaction to ambien. I cut mine in half, anyway. That's about the right dose. Now, to a wild story out of

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{"id":18189029,"title":"Sleep-Drug Dose Lowered in Effort to Curb Drowsiness Dangers","duration":"1:57","description":"FDA lowers the recommended dose of sleep-drug Ambein and its generic equivalent.","url":"/GMA/video/sleep-drug-dose-lowered-effort-curb-drowsiness-dangers-18189029","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}